Thursday, March 14, 2013


                                             Error 11 - Watchdog (Upper PCA)
  The error 11 watchdog monitors the upper PCA low voltage power. If the low voltage power
drops below a preset level, the error 11 will be displayed.
Possible Causes
1. A failure in the upper PCA overloads the low voltage power supply and causes it to drop
below the preset limit.
2. A fault in the interconnect cable (lower PCA to upper PCA) causing the input voltage to the
upper PCA to be too low.
Possible Remedies
1. If the error message is consistently displayed when the unit is powered up, the upper PCA
should be replaced. It is possible to see this message displayed intermittently due to external
causes. If the units A.C. input significantly dips during the power up test sequence the test
could fail resulting in this message being displayed. Treadmills operating on non-dedicated
A.C. circuits may see this message displayed on an intermittent basis.
2. Substitute a known good interconnect cable in place of the existing cable to determine if the
interconnect cable is the cause. For the purpose of the test, the substitute cable should be
connected directly between the upper and lower PCA’s.