Thursday, March 14, 2013


                              Error 24 - Reduce Speed Requested, Speed is not Reducing


Error 24 indicates that the the speed control system has instructed the treadmill to slow down
and the response from the speed sensing system indicates that the treadmill has not slowed.
This error will typically occur when the actual operating speed is greater than the speed being
requested under either manual or program control.

Possible Causes

1. The treadmill user (especially a heavier user) is operating the treadmill at a relatively a low
speed and a high incline. Some treadmills, under the above conditions, will operate at a
speed slightly higher than the selected speed because of the combination of very low running
bed and running belt friction and the downward force of the users weight.

2. The lower PCA is bad.

Possible Remedies

1. The user must be informed that this error can occur under low speed, high incline conditions.
They must also be aware that the treadmill speed control system must test for an over speed
condition. The test and resulting error condition is for their protection.

2. The typical lower PCA failure mode producing an error 24, causes the drive motor to start
immediately upon power up (without a manual or program drive motor start request). Replace
the lower PCA.