Thursday, March 14, 2013


                                            Error 26 - Motor Pulse Width Incorrect
This error monitors the speed sensor signal and verifies the the speed sensor signal is
appropriate for the requested speed. If the speed sensor signal is incorrect or erratic an Error 26
will be displayed.
Possible Causes
1. The treadmill utilizes an optical (infrared) speed sensor and the line of sight between the
speed sensor and the speed sensor target is obstructed.
2. The speed sensor position relative to the speed sensor target is incorrect.
3. The speed sensor potentiometer adjustment is incorrect (when equipped).
4. The speed sensor target is damaged.
Possible Remedies
1. Carefully, vacuum out the drive motor compartment with a static safe vacuum cleaner. Pay
special attention to the area between the speed sensor and speed sensor target.
2. Adjust the speed sensor position so that the space between the speed sensor and the speed
sensor target is 3/16 inch and so that the speed sensor photo eye is aimed at the larger
portion of the targets wedge shaped section. On hall effect speed sensors (magnetic sensor)
the space between the end of the speed sensor and the flywheel tooth should be 3/16 inch.
3. If the treadmill utilizes a speed sensor potentiometer, locate the speed sensor potentiometer
on the lower PCA. Set the speed sensor potentiometer at mid-range. Start the treadmill and
increase the speed to 6 mile per hour. Carefully adjust the speed sensor potentiometer to the
point where the treadmill is operating the smoothest. Increase the treadmills speed to full
speed at repeat the previous adjustment. These two adjustments are typically small and are
usually only a matter of fine tuning.
4. Most speed sensor targets consist of a circular arrangement of alternate black and silver
sections. If the speed sensor target is torn or badly scratched the speed sensor may receive
an incorrect reading. Replace the speed sensor target.