Thursday, March 14, 2013


                                        Error 27 - Too Much Drive Motor Current
Some treadmill motor controllers monitor the amount of current being delivered to the drive
motor. The software sets a maximum amount of allowable drive motor current. This error
indicates that maximum drive motor current has been reached.
Possible Causes
1. The running belt and/or running bed is badly worn.
2. A shorted or de-magnetized drive motor is causing the high power demand.
Possible Remedies
1. A clamp-on A.C. ammeter must be used to determine the amount of A.C input current being
drawn by the treadmill under no load and loaded conditions. The current readings can be
used to determine the condition of the running belt and/or running bed. These same readings
should be taken on a similar unit with a known good running belt and running bed. Those
readings can then be used as a benchmark for future use. Replace the running belt and/or
running bed as required. Remember, many running beds are double sided and the bed can
be flipped over rather than being replaced.
2. A known good drive motor must be substituted for the existing drive motor.