Friday, March 15, 2013


                                                Error 45 - Lift Moving in Wrong Direction
      The lift control system has detected that the lift is moving in the opposite direction of the issued lift command.
Possible Causes
1. Lift Motor hysteresis.
2. Bad lower PCA
Possible Remedies
1. This error would typically happen when the lift was already in motion (typically downward)
when a lift command in the opposite direction (lift up) was issued. Some motors exhibited a
very long turn around time and the lift motor would still be moving in the original direction
(downward) while the control system was attempting to move the lift in the opposite direction.
If the error 45 condition is persistent, replace the lift motor.
2. This is a very rare condition, if the lift moves in the opposite direction of the issued lift
command, replace the lower PCA.