Friday, March 15, 2013


                                   Error 53 - Can’t Read Target, Can’t Find Home Switch

          This error is associated with the 5.17 EFX. When power is first applied to the 5.17, an arm with
permanent magnets moves from its last position to the zero resistance position. Moving to the
zero resistance position is a two step process. First it must move forward far enough to actuate
the home switch and the move rearward to a set position (zero resistance) by reading a
revolution sensor on the motor driving the moving arm. It detects the actual distance moved by
counting motor revolutions. When in the correct physical position the arm stops and the 5.17 is
ready for use. If when moving forward the zero switch is not activated or when moving rearward
a response is not seen from the revolution sensor, an error 53 will be displayed.

Possible Causes

1. The F2 fuse is blown.

2. Intermittent or damaged home switch wiring.

3. Intermittent or damaged gear motor wiring.

4. A bad home switch.

5. A bad gear motor.

6. A damaged gear motor target.

7. A bad lower PCA.

Possible Remedies

1. Remove power from the 5.17. Remove the F2 fuse from the lower PCA. Measure the fuse
with an ohmmeter. The fuse should measure 1 ohm or less. If the reading is significantly high,
replace the fuse. If the F2 fuse was blown there may have been a reason that will cause the
fuse to blow again such as; damaged gear motor wiring or a bad gear motor.

2. Carefully inspect the home switch wiring for intermittent or damaged wiring or connections.
Replace or repair the wiring or connections as appropriate.

3. Carefully inspect the gear motor wiring for intermittent or damaged wiring or connections.
Replace or repair the wiring or connections as appropriate.

4. With the moving arm away from the home switch, remove power from the 5.17. Remove both
wires from the home switch. Check the home switch with an ohmmeter. It should measure
approximately 0 ohms. While monitor the home switch resistance, activate the home switch
by hand, the reading should change to infinite (open). If either reading is significantly
incorrect, replace the home switch.

5. With power removed from the 5.17, remove both wires from the gear motor. Measure the
gear motor resistance with an ohmmeter, it should read approximately 9 ohms. If the reading
is significantly low or significantly high, replace the gear motor.
6. Visually inspect the gear motor target, if it is ripped, torn or badly scratched, replace the

7. Measure the voltage at the gear motor during the start up sequence, it should measure
approximately 12 V.D.C. The voltage would only be present between the time the sequence
was initiated and the error 53 is displayed.. If the voltage is significantly low or absent and the
F2 fuse is good (see step 1), replace the lower PCA.