Sunday, July 06, 2014

HOW TO DISASSEMBLE HP HP Color Laser-jet 8500/8550 - Printer

Disassemble procedure_Front cover_ front right cover_ front door_ inside left panel.
The printer keeps track of use on some of its user-replaceable parts. Because maintenance unit life is tracked by the formatter board by page count, swapping maintenance units between printers might cause a misrepresentation of maintenance unit life values.
Separating the printer from the frame.
1 Remove two screws (callout 1) from the attachment cover on the left side of the printer to release the attachment cover.
2 Remove two screws (callout 2) from the attachment bracket.
3 On each side at the bottom of the rack, rotate the locking pins (callout 3) until they slide out of the holes.
4 Roll the printer off of the rack.
Removing the front cover
1 Open the front cover.
2 Remove one screw holding the strap in place (callout 1)
3 Remove one screw holding the cover (callout 2).
4 Open the cover to approximately a 45-degree angle and lift it up to remove it.
Removing the front right cover
1 Open the front door.
2 Remove one screw in the upper right-hand side that holds the front right cover on (callout 1).
3 Pull the cover off.
Removing the inside left panel
1 Remove the front cover
2 Remove the top cover assembly.
3 Remove eight screws on the inside panel (callout 1)
4 Remove the waste toner tray cover (callout 2) by releasing the tab on the right side of the cover with a small screwdriver.
5 Remove the waste toner tray.
6 Open the left lower door to disengage the interlock.
7 Swing both the lower green lever (callout 3) and the upper blue lever (callout 4) to the right.
8 Pull the panel off.
{When replacing the inside left panel, the lower left door and the toner carousel door must be open so that the interlock engages.}

Thursday, July 03, 2014


Keyboard Removal Procedure_Asus G1S Series Notebooks.
* Slide the battery latch 1 to open battery lock
* Slide the battery latch 2 and pull the whole battery away from the system.
* Remove 2 screws (M2*4) and take the CPU door away.
* Remove the Mylar.
* Remove 4 screws (M2*5) aside the CPU. And take away the heat sink.
* Turn the non-removable screw here 180 degrees counter-clockwise to loosen the CPU.
* Squeeze the vacuum handling pump and use it to lift the CPU away.
* Remove 2 screws on the memory cover and then remove the cover.
* Unlock two latches to pop up the memory at 45 angles then pull out the memory at that angle.
Remove 2 screw (M2*5) here, and then turn over the notebook
 Push the 3latches in (F1, F8, Ins) with a pair of tweezers or a single-slotted screwdriver and lift the keyboard plate up.
* Lay the keyboard down over the Top case. *Do not remove the keyboard yet.  The keyboard cable is still attached.
8 Disconnect the FPC connector by a pair of tweezers and then remove the keypad plate.
Removing Keyboard Cable
  1. Use a flexible connector tool to unlock the cable connector on both ends (no. 1).
  2. Carefully pull out the keyboard cable (no. 2) with a pair of tweezers.
  3. Lock the connector (no. 3) again to avoid possible breakage.
Reverse the procedures to re-assemble.
Remove 6 screws (M2*8; M2*5).
Remove the both hinge covers.
Remove 2 screws in hames cover, and then take the hames cover away.
Remove 1 piece of tape fixing the table and then remove 1 screw here, and disconnect the LCD cable.