Friday, September 19, 2014


Service Mode and Software Upgrade Procedure: UE40D500*BW  UE26D400*BW   UE32D400*BW  UE22D500*BW  UE19D400*BW  LE32D400E1W  LE32D40*E2W  LE40D50*F7W

SERVICE MODE (Factory Mode)
To enter ‘Service Mode’ Press the remote  control keys in this sequence: 
> If you do not have Factory remote control [INFO => Power OFF => Power ON =>  MENU => MUTE]
> If you have Factory remote  control; INFO => FACTORY KEY.
How to Access Service Mode
Using the Customer Remote
1. Turn the power off and set to stand-by mode. 1.
2. Press the remote buttons in this order; POWER OFF- INFO - MENU - MUTE to turn the set on. The set turns on and enters service mode. This may take approximately 20 seconds.
3. Press the Power button to exit and store data in memory.
If you fail to enter service mode, repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
How to enter the hidden factory mode.
# into the factory mode
# move the tap to Advanced
# key input : 0 + 0 + 0 + 0.  
 ** Hidden menu : Advanced.
Buttons operations within Service Mode.
Direction Keys▲/▼ (Item Selection by Moving the Cursor.)
Direction Keys ◄/ (Data Increase / Decrease for the Selected Item.)
Source => Cycles through the active input source that are connected to the unit.
USB Download Method
Samsung may offer upgrades for TV’s firmware in the future.  Upgrades will be possible by connecting a USB drive to the USB port located on your TV.
1. Insert a USB drive containing the firmware.  (T-MSU4DEUC) upgrade into the USB port on the rear of the TV.
2. Press the MENU button to display the menu. Press the▲/▼ button to select "Support", then press the ENTER button.
3. Press the▲/▼ button to select "Software Upgrade", then press the ENTER button to select "By USB".  The message "Scanning for USB. It may take up to 1 minute." is displayed.  The message "Upgrade version XXXX to version XXXX? The system will be reset after upgrade." is displayed. 
4. Press the ◄/► to select the "OK", then press the ENTER button.
{Be careful to not disconnect the power or remove the USB drive while upgrades are being applied. The TV will turn off and turn on automatically after completing the firmware upgrade. Please check the firmware version after the upgrades are complete. When software is upgraded, video and audio settings you have made will return to their default (factory) settings. We recommend you write down your settings so that you can easily reset them after the upgrade.}
How To Upgrade Sub Micom
Sub S/W (in Factory mode)
If you don't have DDC Manager, Use this method.
> Into the Factory Mode.
> Select "SVC". (Use button.)
> Select "MICOM UPGRADE off". (use  button.).  If message change from "off" to "wait", TV is upgrading Sub S/W. (It takes about 5 min.)
If update completes, TV set will booting automatically.