Thursday, February 12, 2015




1.Do not power on .
1 .1 Please check AC cable if connect to AC plug. Is true the connector don’t connect to AC plug. Please connect it.
2.2 Please check AC cable if connect to AC power. Is true the AC cable don’t connect to AC power. Please connect it.
3.3 Please check power board of fuse if broken. If the F1 fuse is broken, Please pull out the AC cable from AC power. Please check AC L power and AC N ground by multimeter, The read number is infinite, the fuse is broke. Then look up power board if not burn out place. Is true it. Please change power board or be changed power board.
2. The power on switch of green extinguish.
2.1 The power of led(indicator light) is red light, To touch power on key when indicator light wink. Is true that the power DC output have somewhere short circuit. Check connector J39,J31 .If not connector direction is wrong. Or the mainboard somewhere of power short circuit.
3.The power is normal work ,but don’t backlight.
3.1 The indicator light work normal (green light ). Check Main board of transistor Q18 collect if not has +5v voltage.
Is true Q18 collect hasn’t +5v ,To check Q18 if fail. Or to check Q18 of base if not low. (Low is working, high don’t work).
Please refer to attached sheet A circuit diagram.
3.2 Check backlight of connector if not it direction is wrong or the connector of wire compositor direction is wrong.
3.3 To check connector panel of voltage is +24v. It’s true .Then to check of the first pin if it have +5V voltage, It’s true , than to check power board of +24v voltage ,It’s true. The panel of backlight board is fail. The change panel of backlight board
4.The screen don’t have picture But have backlight.
4.1 To check to panel of voltage ,To check main board of bead L69 and L57 connect if not OK.Then check the L69 and L57 of voltage is +12v( 27 inch panel voltage is +5v, To check L68 and L56) . Next to check fuse F1 and connector J10 if not is +12v(27 inch panel voltage is +5v). If isn’t please check power board of connector CON5 if has +12v( 27 inch panel
voltage is +5v).
4.2To check to main board +12 V voltage. To check to main board IC U35 of the first pin if +5v voltage ,It’s fail. It’s low (close 0 v) working.
5.The remote control don’t be control.
5.1 The check batteries of remote control if it run out of .
5.2 To check main board of connecter J21 of wire connect fastness and the connecter of
wire open.
6.The sound don’t output.
6.1 To check main board +24v voltage of connector J8 ,It’s true not +24v voltage. Then to to check power main +24v fail .
7.The DTV don’t detect .
7.1 To check mainboard of connecter J24 and DTV mainboard of connector HA1 of FCC wire if no connect fastness.