Wednesday, April 01, 2015



AWA MHDV2262-04


How to enter into the factory model
1. You can press "source-2-5-8-0" to go into factory setting. Presse the key "exit" to shut the factory setting.
1: ADC setup: set ADC value of YUV,VGA. It can also be auto-set. Adopt 100% color bar to yuv and Checkerboard signal to vga.
 2:Adjust the brightness and contrast ratio of each signal, which do not affect the value of user's menu.
3: adjust the color temperature and white balance of each signal source.
4: SSC to adjust the spectrum for passing the EMC test.
5:special set
1)2hour off-- for Aging test
2)WDT --watch dog
3)white pattern --set pure color output for the panel, used at the checking and aging test for panel.
5)set the recorder
 6)set power-on screen display. 6:QMAP adjust :adjust color quality.
7:PEQ set sound EQ
8:sw information: to check the sofeware information
9:UART DEBUG : Access to serial port and connect a computer if set to HK.
10:BMTEST :cpu check the CPU The last line is SW Ver.No.
How to enter into the hotel model
1. You can press "source-1-0-0-1" to go into the hotel model. Presse the key "exit" to shut the hotel model.
: 1.Hotel Mode: Hotel mode switch
2.Panel Key Lock: Panel key lock
3.Max Volume: Hotel mode can adjust the maximum volume
4.Start Source: Hotel mode locking TV signal source
5.Start Channel: Hotel mode locking program channels
6.Start Menu Display: Hotel Mode menu is displayed
7.Input Source Change: Hotel mode is to display the Source
8.Save to USB: TV related equipment will be copied to the system, U disk , to other machines used for cloning
 9.Loaking: U disk data will be cloned into the machine
10.Volume Default