Tuesday, April 28, 2015


SAMSUNG UN46C9000ZF - UN55C9000ZF 



Chassis : N99A


1. General PD board Diagnosis
Disconnect the wire between PD board and Main board.
Short Circuit 22Pin and 24pin of CNM801
If the BLU on , we can consider PD board is acting correctly.
2. LED Driver output diagnosis
Measure voltage at CD477 or CD437 which are criteria for judgement
Measure voltage at CD403 or CD418 which are criteria for judgement

General Alignment instruction
1. Usually, a color LED-TV needs only slight touch-up adjustment upon installation.
Check the basic characteristics such as height, horizontal and vertical sync.
2. Use the specified test equipment or its equivalent.
3. Correct impedance matching is essential.
4. Avoid overload. Excessive signal from a sweep generator might overload the front-end
of the TV. When inserting signal markers, do not allow the marker generator to distort test result.
5. Connect the TV only to an AC power source with voltage and frequency as specified on
the backcover nameplate.
6. Do not attempt to connect or disconnect any wire while the TV is turned on. Make sure
that the power cord is disconnected before replacing any parts.
7. To protect against shock hazard, use an isolation transformer.
To enter ‘Service Mode’ Press the remote -control keys in this sequence :
- If you do not have Factory remote – control.

Power OFF > MUTE > 1 > 8 > 2 > Power On

How to Access Service Mode
Using the Customer Remote
1. Turn the power off and set to stand-by mode
2. Press the remote buttons in this order; MUTE-1-8-2-POWER ON to turn the set on.
3. The set turns on and enters service mode. This may take approximately 20 seconds.
4. Press the Power button to exit and store data in memory.
- If you fail to enter service mode, repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
Using the Factory Remote
1. Press the 'info'+'factory' key of your Factory Remote.
2. The set enters service mode right away.
Buttons operations withn Service Mode
Menu >  Full Menu Display/Move to Parent Menu
Direction Keys UP / DOWN  >  Item Selection by Moving the Cursor
Direction Keys RIGHT / LEFT  > Data Increase / Decrease for the Selected Item
Source  > Cycles through the active input source that are connected to the unit.
How to Access ‘EDID SUCCESS’ Mode
At initial SERVICE MODE DISPLAY state, you’ll see ‘EDID SUCCESS’.
- If not, go to
Control  > EDID
And follow the procedure.
1. Set ON at EDID ON/OFF menu.
At 2. EDID WRITE ALL menu, press RIGHT key of the remote control. After few seconds Success will appear.
3. If Failure appears, remove the PC cable and HDMI cable that connected to TV. And try it again.
4. If the problem still exists, go to HDMI EDID Ver menu, and change the HDMI version to HDMI 1.2 or HDMI 1.3.
5. Change the Main Board if same problem occurs.