Tuesday, November 10, 2015


LG 47LS4600 


(1) The adjustment is according to the order which is designated and which must be followed, according to the plan which al Unit: Product Specification Standard.
(2) Power adjustment : Free Voltage.
(3) Magnetic Field Condition: Nil.
(4) Input signal Unit: Product Specification Standard.
(5) Reserve after operation: Above 5 Minutes (Heat Run).
Temperature : at 25 ºC±5 ºC
Relative humidity : 65 ± 10%
Input voltage : 100~220V, 50/60Hz
(6) Adjustment equipments : Color Analyzer (CA-210 or CA-110), SVC remote controller
(7) Push The “IN STOP KEY” – For memory initialization.
Case1 : Software version up
1) After downloading S/W by USB , TV set will reboot automatically
2) Push “In-stop” key
3) Push “Power on” key
4) Function inspection
5) After function inspection, Push “In-stop” key. Case2 : Function check at the assembly line
1) When TV set is entering on the assembly line, Push “In-stop” key at first.
2) Push “Power on” key for turning it on.
> If you push “Power on” key, TV set will recover channel information by itself.
3).After function inspection, Push “In-stop” key.
Main PCB check process
#APC – After Manual-Insert, executing APC
# Boot file Download
(1) Execute ISP program “Mstar ISP Utility” and then click “Config” tab.
(2) Set as below, and then click “Auto Detect” and check “OK” message.
If “Error” is displayed, Check connection between computer, jig, and set.
(3) Click “Read” tab, and then load download file (XXXX.bin) by clicking “Read”
(4) Click “Connect” tab. If “Can’t ” is displayed, Check connection between computer, jig, and set
(5) Click “Auto” tab and set as below.
(6) Click “Run”.
(7) After downloading, check “OK” message.
USB DOWNLOAD(*.epk file download)
(1) Put the USB Stick to the USB socket.
(2) Automatically detecting update file in USB Stick.
- If your downloaded program version in USB Stick is Low, it didn't work. But your downloaded version is High, USB data is automatically detecting
(3) Show the message "Copying files from memory"
(4) Updating is staring.
(5) After updating is complete, The TV will restart automatically.
(6) If TV turns on, check your updated version and Tool option.
(refer to the next page about tool option)
# If downloading version is higher than your TV have, TV can lost all channel data. In this case, you have to channel recover. If all channel data is cleared, you didn't
have a DTV/ATV test on production line.
ADC Process(TBD)
Enter Service Mode by pushing “ADJ” key,using service remote
Enter Internal ADC mode by pushing “>
” key at “6. ADC Calibration”
Adjust Sequence
# aa 00 00 [Enter Adjust Mode]
# xb 00 40 [Component1 Input (480i)]
# ad 00 10 [Adjust 480i Comp1]
# xb 00 60 [RGB Input (1024*768)]
# ad 00 10 [Adjust 1024*768 RGB]
# aa 00 90 End Adjust mode
# Required equipment : Adjustment R/C.
Function Check
Check display and sound
Check Input and Signal items. (cf. work instructions)
(1) TV
(2) AV (CVBS)
(3) COMPONENT (480i)
(4) RGB (PC : 1024 x 768 @ 60hz)
(5) HDMI
(6) PC Audio In
# Display and Sound check is executed by Remote controller.
# Caution : Not to push the INSTOP KEY after completion if the function inspection
EYE-Q function check
Step1) Turn on TV.
Step2) Press “P-only” key, enter to power only mode and
escape the “P-only” Mode by pressing “Exit” key
Step3) Press “Tilt” key, entrance to Local Dimming mode.
Step4) At the Local Dimming mode, module Edge Backlight moving Top to bottom Back light of module moving
Step5) confirm the Local Dimming mode
Step6) Press “Exit” key
EYE-Q function check
Step 1) Turn on TV
Step 2) Press EYE key of Adj. R/C
Step 3) Cover the Eye Q II sensor on the front of the using your hand and wait for 6 seconds
Step 4) Confirm that R/G/B value is lower than 10 of the “Raw
Data (Sensor data, Back light )”. If after 6 seconds,
R/G/B value is not lower than 10, replace Eye Q II sensor
Step 5) Remove your hand from the Eye Q II sensor and wait for 6 seconds
Step 6) Confirm that “ok” pop up.
If change is not seen, replace Eye Q II sensor

Check Screw Type When Screw is assembled at Part. If Screw is used at the part Module will get damaged
No power
Check 24V, 12V, 3.5V of Power B/D > Check short of Main B/D or Change Power B/D
Check Output of Q403, IC407, IC401>  Check short of Q403, IC407, IC401 > Re-soldering or Change defect part of Q403, IC407, IC401
Check short of IC402, IC403 > Re-soldering or Change defect part of Q403, IC407, IC401
Check LED Assy > Change LED Assy
Check P403 Connector
No Raster
Check LED status On Display Unit > Repeat A PROCESS
Check Panel Link Cable Or Module > Change Panel Link Cable Or Module
Check Inverter Connector Or Inverter > Change Inverter Connector Or Inverter
Check Output of IC1401 > Change IC1401
Check LVDS Cable > Change LVDS Cable
No Raster on HDMI Signal
Check Input source Cable And Jack
Check the Input/Output Of JK801, JK802, JK803 > Re-soldering or Change the defect part
Check the Instart Menu EDID D/L Status > Re-download EDID Data] (Adjust Menu à EDID D/L)
Check the Input/Output Of IC103 > Re-soldering or Change the defect part. Re-download HDCP
Check the Input/Output Of IC101 > Re-soldering or Change the defect part
No Sound
Check The Input Sourse > Change The Source Input
Check The Input/Output Of IC501 > Re-soldering or Change the defect part
Check The Speaker > Change Speaker
Check The Speaker Wire