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Connect all the boards according to wiring diagram, connect with power and observe the display. 

Method for entering factory menu
Press “INPUT”, “2”, “5”, ”8” and “0” in turn to enter factory menu; press “CH+” and “CH-” to select adjustment items and press “VOL+” and “VOL-” to adjust value items, press “MENU” repeatedly to exit.
Method for software upgrading: When software upgrading please enter factory menu first, enter ISP item of OPTION, set ISP to 1 and you can begin to upgrade. After upgrade finished, it needs to set ISP back to 0. If the picture can’t display when upgrading, it needs to solder JB1 on the main board. Please unsolder JB1 again after upgrading.
Adjustment for AFT voltage and AGC voltage of IF channel in TV
IF AFT adjustment
Enter the factory menu and set IF VCO to 1, or press “INPUT”, “2”, “5”,”8”, “1” to enter VCO adjust mode, adjust L109 to value 2.5V of TP105 (B face), then set IF VCO to 0.
IF AGC adjustment
Input 60DB RF signal (184.25MHz for Chinese, 175.25MHz for America) to RF terminal, adjust RP101 to value 3V of TP102 (B face) and there should be no obvious snowy picture. Increase the signal to 90dBV and it should be display normally and no obvious noise.
White balance adjustment
white balance adjustment of HDMI
a. Input VG-848 signal from HDMI: TIMING854(800* 600/60Hz) and eighth level gray-scale signal of PAT920. Use color analyzer CA210 to adjust white balance.
b. Enter submenu of COLOR TEMP. Select 9300k of color temperature
c. Fixed value of B OFF, adjust R OFF and G OFF, let the color coordinate of the second level
be 285,293 and the brightness be about 3nit- 6nit. Fixed value of B GAIN, adjust R GAIN and G GAIN, let the color coordinate of seventh level be 285,293. Adjustment R OFF, G OFF, R GAIN and G GAIN repeatedly until the value of the two levels gray-scale be 285, 293.
VGA/YPBPR/AV white balance check and correction
a. Input VG-848 signal of VGA: TIMING854(800* 600/60Hz) (PATIERN:CROSS) and auto
adjust to full screen, then input PAT948 black/white signal, enter factory menu ADC ADJ, select AUTOTUNE and wait for OK display. Input PAT920(8 gray levels), check if the white balance is normal, if not, enter COLOR TEMP menu, set ALL COLOR to 0 and fine adjust according the methods
b. connect VG-848 signal of YPBPR to YPBPR terminal and input TIMING972 (1080i/60HZ) 100% color bar of PAT976(include black/white bar), Enter submenu of ADC ADJ, Select AUTOTUNE and wait for OK display. Input PAT920(8 gray levels), check if the white balance is normal, if not, set ALL COLOR to 0 and fine adjust according the methods
c. Input AV signal(PM5518, 8 gray levels, PAL for Chinese and NTSC for America) to VIDEO 1 terminal, check if the white balance is normal, if not, set ALL COLOR to 0 and fine adjust according the methods
Note: it can’t set back to 1 once ALL COLOR changes to 0.
Method of software upgrading
1. The tools and software demanded
1) Please confirm that PC has the software of ISP_TOOL and install the parallel interface drive program Port95nt.
2) ISP_TOOL icon
3) One parallel cable (25 pins) and one VGA cable (15 pins), the parallel cable connects the PC and the upgrade instrument, the VGA cable connects the TV and the upgrade instrument.
2. The steps for upgrading software
1) Please confirm that the connection wires and the upgrade instrument are connected well before the software written and then power on the TV.
2) Double click the icon ISP_TOOL to open it:
3) Press “Connect“ to connect TV, if the connection is done successfully as shown below, then press “enter”.
Note: if it appears error, check the connection wires and check if ISP item of the factory menu is set to 1, if not, please set it to 1.
4) After connection is done, it needs to read the Binary document. Press “Read” as shown below:
5) Search the document needed to write in the “Read” check box.
6) Select the document then the window will appear
7) Press “Auto” to select the writing function.
Select the items shown
a) Read File
(b) Program
(c) Exit ISP
(d) Erase Device
(e) File Area
8) Press “Run” to begin the writing program, wait till the blue bar is complete.
After writing, it will display OK
If there is error appeared , press “Run” again to rewrite the program till it is success.