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Summary of Self-Diagnosis Function
- This device includes a self-diagnosis function.
- In case of abnormalities, the POWER-On/ standby the POWER-On/ standby indicator automatically blinks. It is possible to predict the abnormality location by the number of blinks. The Instruction Manual describes blinking of indicator.
- If the symptom is not reproduced sometimes in case of a malfunction, there is recording of whether a malfunction was generated or not. Operate the remote command to confirm the matter on the screen and to predict the location of the abnormality.
Diagnosis Items and Prediction of Malfunction Location
- When a malfunction occurs the POWER-On/ standby indicator only blinks for one of the following diagnosis items. In case of two or more malfunctions, the item which first occurred blinks. If the malfunctions occurred simultaneously, the item with the lower blink count blinks first.
- The screen display displays the results regarding all the diagnosis items listed below. The display "0" means that no malfunctions occurred.
Diagnosis Item

Number of times
POWER-On/ standby indicator blinks
Temp. over
3 times
Lamp cover
2 times
Lamp driver
5 times
Power error
6 times
Power OVP
8 times
Fan error
4 times
Lamp error
7 times
Audio prot
9 times
Device error
LAMP-LED flashes
 Self-diagnosis screen displays
- In cases of malfunctions where it is not possible to determine the symptom such as when
the power goes off occasionally or when the screen disappears occasionally, there is a
screen display on whether the malfunction occurred or not in the past (and whether the
detection circuit operated or not) in order to allow confirmation.
Screen Display Method
- Quickly press the remote command button in the following order from the standby state.
- The results display is not automatically cleared. In case of repairs and after repairs, check
the self-diagnosis screen and be sure to return the results display to "0".
- If the results display is not returned to "0" it will not be possible to judge a new malfunction
after completing repairs.
Method of Clearing Results Display
1. Power off (Set to the standby mode)
2. DISPLAY >  Channel 5 > Vol - > POWER
3. Channel 8 > 0
Method of Ending Self-Diagnosis Screen
- When ending the self-diagnosis screen completely, turn the power switch OFF on the
remote commander or the main unit.
Self-Diagnosis function operation
2 : Temp over When the inside temperature sensed with IC3150, IC3200 and IC2000
mounted on S1 board, S2 board and C board respectively exceed
the threshold, DEM (Display Engine u-com) detects it and makes
turn off the lamp.
3 : Lamp cover When the lamp cover is opened or harness from T board is off, DEM detects it and makes turn off the lamp
4 : FAN error When any FAN is stopping or harness is not connected correctly,
DEM detects it and makes turn off the lamp
5 : Lamp Driver When the ballast is not working with high voltage, DEM detects it and makes turn off the lamp
6 : Power error When 11V is low, TVM
(TV u-com) detects it and makes turn off the lamp.
7 : Audio When DC is appeared by audio amp failure at speaker line, DEM detects it
and makes turn off the lamp.
8 : Power-OVP When the output voltage from 11V is abnormally high, TVM detects
it and makes turn off the lamp.
9 : Device error When the temperature sensor and bus decoder ICs do not return ACK on IIC
bus to DEM, DEM detects it and makes turn off the lamp.
LAMP : Lamp When the lamp is broken, DEM detects it.
Method of Setting the Service Adjustment 
1. Standby mode. (Power off)
2. DISPLAY >  5 > VOL (+) > TV POWER on the remote commander.
(Press each button within a second.) The following service screen will appear.
Service Mode Adjustment
1. The SCREEN displays the item being adjusted.
2. Press “1” or “4” on the remote commander to select the adjustment item.
3. Press “3” or “6” on the remote commander to change the data.
4. Press “2” or “5” on the remote commander to select the category. Every time you press “2” (Category up), Service mode changes
5. If you want to recover the latest values press “-” then “[ENTER]” to read the memory.
6. Press “[MUTING]” then “[ENTER]” to write into memory.
7. Turn power off.
<Method of setting the shipping condition>
1. Service Adjustment mode.
2. Press “8” then “[ENTER]”
3. Wait until appearing “ Initial Setup” display.
4. Disconnect AC plug and connect again to change factory reset condition completely.
Memory Write Confirmation Method
1. After adjustment, turn power off with the remote commander.
2. Turn power on and set to service mode.
3. Call the adjusted items again and confirm they were adjusted.
1 : Changes adjustment item. (item No. moves up)
4 : Changes adjustment item. (item No. moves down)
2 : Changes adjustment category. (category moves up)
 5 : Changes adjustment category. (category moves down)
3 : Changes data value. (up)
6 : Changes data value. (down)
Please check the picture horizontal/vertical center after the replacement of the following parts .
# Optical block
# Top assembly
1, Check H/V center with 480i monoscope signal in “Full “ mode .
2, If the center is shifted , adjust it with the following service items .
Note: Be sure to adjust in PAL and NTSC modes.
1. Feed PAL monoscope signal.
2. DISPLAY t 5 t VOL (+) t TV POWER
3. Picture Position Adjustment
#Press JUMP button twice to display the panel service mode.
# Select ' 1 TG'.
# By pressing '1' key, select Sub item 35 POB_ENA.
#By pressing '6' key, change data to '0'.
• Select 28th or 29th with pushing 1 or 4 button and adjust with 3 or 6 button.
28 V_CENT (Vertical position)
29 H_CENT (Horizontal postion)
4. Writing data MUTE + 0
5. Feed NTSC monoscope signal.
6. Picture Position Adjustment (Same as the item 3.)
7. Writing data MUTE + 0
8. After adjustment, perform TEST RESET
The user settings can be reset to the factory default condition as follows.
1. Service Adjustment mode. It puts it into the state that "TVM Service Menu" is displayed.
(If it is after the adjustment etc., it returns it to the picture of TVM with the JUMP key.)
2. 8 --> MUTING --> 0
The picture is muted, Test Reset is excuted, and all LED lights.
3. After turning off power, the AC plug is pulled out once, and insert it again.
4. When turning on power, the picture of the language choice is displayed.