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Monthly Care and Service
1. Clean the treadmill of dust and dirt that might accumulate under and behind the treadmill. Vacuum small rubber particles from the soles of running shoes that accumulate alongside the belt and behind the machine.
2. Inspect the autowaxer for sufficient wax in the wax channel.
a. Lay treadmill on its side.
b. Pull back the treadbelt (on the bottom of the treadmill) to expose the wax channel.
c. The wax channel should be at least ¼” thick at its thinnest point.
d. Feel along the full length of the wax channel for consistent thickness.
e. Call authorized service technician to replace wax channel if it is less than ¼” thick at any point.
NOTE: To prevent damage to the treadbelt, do not allow the treadmill to run without sufficient wax in the wax channel.
Once every three (3) months we recommend that the motor cover be removed and the motor area vacuumed thoroughly to remove dust and particles. Only authorized service personnel should perform this procedure as only authorized service technicians are allowed access to the area under the motor hood. A thorough visual inspection should be performed at this time as well. Have the technician check for tight wire harness connections, damaged motor or power wires, tight motor and tensioner bolts, tight
 ground screw connections and wire tie downs, properly attached incline motor cotter pin and clevis pin, and tight motor controller and interface screws.
Expert service and maintenance at a modest cost are available through your factory trained authorized TRUE dealer. He maintains a stock of repair parts and has the technical knowledge to meet your service needs.
Incline and Speed Calibration
The Incline and Speed Calibration mode is used to troubleshoot and calibrate the treadmill. Calibration will cause the treadmill to speed up to 15 mph and incline up to 15%.
CAUTION: Keep area under the treadmill free from obstructions because the deck returns to 0% grade when the safety key is replaced. Failure to do so could cause personal injury or damage to the machine.
1. Hold (up/down) while placing the SAFETY KEY onto the Keyboard to enter the Calibration Mode.
The following messages will repeat themselves one at a time:
NOTE: While in this mode, (up/down) and (plus/minus) can be used to change the treadmill incline and speed. The SPEED Window will display actual speed.
2. Press (Start) to start calibration. The treadmill will lower to zero incline and then start increasing incline to
15% and speed to 15 mph.
3. When the calibration is complete:
The following message will display in the Message Center:
Error Codes
This error occurs when the incline values on the display do not match the values stored during calibration.
This error occurs when the incline motor does not move in response to an incline command.
This error occurs when the incline motor moved without an incline command.
This error occurs when acceleration exceeded design limits.
This error occurs when the speed displayed does not match the stored value from calibration.
This error occurs when a data error is detected at start up. The Control Panel has reset to default values.
This error occurs when no speed sensor data has been detected at the Control Panel.
TRUE Z-Series treadmill is equipped with built in diagnostic capabilities to assist in configuring, maintaining and servicing your treadmill. The Field Diagnostic mode provides total hours, distance, average speed, ability to change the units of measure, ability to set the “user not present” function, a list of service and error codes, the ability to set program time, and a log of the last five errors.
1. Hold the (minus/plus) while placing the Safety Key on the Keyboard.
The following messages will repeat themselves:
2. Press (up arrow) to display total hours.
The following messages will display:
HOURS  No. of hours on the treadmill
3. Press (up arrow) to display total distance.
The following messages will display:
DISTANCE  No. of miles on the treadmill
4. Press (up arrow) to display average speed.
The following messages will display:
AVG SPEED  average speed on the treadmill
5. Press (up arrow) to display units. Press (plus) or (minus) to toggle.
The following messages will display:
6. Press (up arrow) to display User Not Present function.
The following messages will display:
CURRENT SHUT  No. of seconds until treadmill shuts off with no user on treadbelt
7. Press (up arrow) repeatedly to display list of errors.
The service/error codes will be listed. See Error and Service Codes on the previous page.
8. Press (up arrow) to display program time.
The following messages will display:
MAXTIME  No. of minutes allowed in programmed workouts
9. Press (up arrow) repeatedly to display the error log.
The Error Log lists the five most recent Error Codes and the distance at which each Error Code occurred.
The following messages will display:
ERROR CODE () Distance at which error code occurred
NOTE: If there are no errors in the error log, the following message will be displayed:
10. Remove SAFETY KEY to exit Diagnostics.