Sunday, December 13, 2015

AKAI 21CTS92FS Service mode and adjustments


Adjustment method
Main power +B setting
Receive standard color pattern RF signal
set picture to “ Standard Mode” . Adjust VR501 to get +B (VD631 -) voltage =110 V
I2C bus control adjustment methed:
Enter and exit factory mode
1) For remote controller of factory
continuous push [test] key on remote controller, the TV mode will change as follow:
Normal > M > BUS OPEN you can select “M” ( factory mode ) or “normal” mode.
2) For remote controller of user
Push [menu] key,
> display picture manual > push digital key 8500 > display M.
Push [standby] key , exit factory mode and TV will be standby.
Geometrical adjustment .
Receive standard Crosshatch pattern signal for PAL system .
Horizontal line
1) Adjust VSLOPE value,
 to the horizontal line just appear from
half bottom shadow.
2) Adjust VSHIFT value,
the center horizontal line correspond to
CRT vertical center.
3) Adjust Vamp value,
to get 90% of vertical picture contents would be displayed on CRT.
4) Adjust HSHIFT value,
to get the picture horizontal center correspond to CRT horizontal center.
5) Receive standard Crosshatch pattern signal for NTSC system, and again adjust.
AGC-TOP adjustment
Receive 60dBu (1mv)VH color bar signal
adjust AGC value voltage from high to low), to
picture noise reduce gradually to be just disappeared.
CRT cut-off and white balance and sub-brightness adjustment.
Reseive gray and white 2 steps signal.
a) CRT cut off adjustment.
1. push [P+][P-] key to select “SC”, push [V+][V-] key then automatically vertical scan will be
2. adjust SCREEN control on Flyback transformer to get the darkest single horizontal line (red, 
green or blue, sometimes shows more yellow,more purple or more white).
3. push [V+][V-] key again, vertical scan work repeat.
b) white balance adjustment.
1. select RD/BD menu.
2. adjustment RD/BD to get color temperature as x=281, y=311.
c) sub-brightness adjustment (use stair case signal)
1. select SB MENU.
2. adjust SB to get the darkest step being on or off.
push [V+][V-]key may be shipped.
May increase the screen of FBT current, the darking single ought no flyback line, AV state.
TEXT DEF : TXT_def = 0: Pan_Euro + Cyrillic
= 1: Farsi English + French + Turkish
= 2: Arabic + English + French + Turkish
= 3: UKRAINIAN Attention: When TXT_def=0, will appear" the TXT LANGUAGE" in the customer Setup menu, press V+/ V- key," the TXT LANGUAGE" will appear the following circulation: W- TR-> EAST1-> EAST2-> W- TR The W- TR diagram text includes the following language:
English German Swedish/Fin/Dan/Hungarian Italian French Spanish/Portuguese Turkish The EAST1 diagram text includes the following language:
Polish German Estonian Slovenian Czech/Slovak Rumanian The EAST2 diagram text includes the following language:
Polish German Swedish/Fin/Dan/Hungarian Lettish Russian Slovenian Czech/Slovak Estonian
Make use of 4 color keys of the remote control, browse 4 pages of the enactment quickly, namely index function.
The TV/ AV sets the saving key for the index.
While using this function," the TXT LIST" establishes for" ON" in the customer menu.
Example: if want to use the color key of the red quickly 230 pageses of enter the
diagram text
The sequence press" TEXT"," red key","2","3","0" on the remote control," TV/ AV"
Note 3:
Switch on the hour appearance constitution
0: connect the AC power, enter to need the machine appearance automatically
1: connect the AC power, automatically switch on appearance
2: connect the AC power, if shut down the appearance as the diagram text appearance, enter the diagram text appearance automatically.