Sunday, December 27, 2015

How to setup Chromecast


Follow the steps to configure the Chromecast 
Step 1:
Insert the Chromecast into the television set into one of  HDMI ports
Step 2:
Attach the USB connector cable to the Chromecast and attach
other end to a power source; either a USB power adaptor connected to a
wall outlet (Highly recommended) or television set.
Step 3:
Change your TV input to whichever port you plugged your  Chromecast into.
Step 4:
Turn on the device you wish to cast your Chromecast onto.
# For IOS/Android devices go into the app store/ Google play  store and download the “Chromecast” app or go to  “”.
# For Mac/PC open up your chrome browser (Note must use  a chrome browser no other browser currently supports  this) and go to “”.
# Side Note: Your Chrome browser also needs to be up  to date with the latest version for the device to work.
# To update go to settings then click the “Help” on the  left hand side this should take show you which  version you are using and how to update. You can  also type “chrome://help” in the address bar and this  will take you to the same page.
Step 5:
Turn on your Chromecast and screen that displays “set me  up” at the top should appear with a default Chromecast name such as  “Chromecast2372” at the bottom.
Step 6:
 From the “” page or app/Google  play store download the Chromecast software onto your  IOS/Android/Mac/PC. Once downloaded open program/app to begin  using your Chromecast.
Step 7:
Select your Chromecast; it should be something like  “Chormecast1345”.
# For mobile devices go to your devices Wi-Fi setting and select  your Chromecast device. You should be prompted to do this once  you click “Set up a New Chromecast”.
# On your Mac/PC it should automatically scan for Chromecast  devices so all you have to do is click continue once you see your  Chromecast.
Step 8:
You should be prompted to change your TV input until you  see a screen with your code. Once you do click “that’s my code” to  continue.
Step 9:
Next you are prompted to create your device name and log  into your wireless network. Once you’ve done that click continue.
# Its important that your Chromecast and your device are on the  same network
# If you’re trying to connect from Rutgers you will need to talk to a  network administrator to connect to RUWireless/LAWN. If you’re doing this at home it should work fine.
Step 10:
Your Chromecast should now be set up with a message on  your TV saying “reading to cast” now on your device open up an app  that supports Chromecast or simply open your chrome browser and  click cast symbol
Chrome cast Update (casting entire screen or new tab)
# Ensure the Google chrome browser you are using is fully updated and then visit Google for chrome  extension for chrome cast:
After the extension has installed successfully, click the Google cast  icon in the top right hand corner of you chrome browser.
Next click the drop down arrow located on the chrome cast  extension menu.
Click ‘Cast entire screen (experimental)’ or ‘Cast current tab’ in  the drop down menu.
Then click the chrome cast device you would like to use to cast  your entire screen or cast the tab you are on. (e.g.  HSChromecast6910)
Your entire screen or current tab should now be showing on the  display device the Google chrome cast is plugged into.