Sunday, December 27, 2015

PHILIPS MX2500D/78 DVD RECEIVER Region code setting Tuner setting and password setting


System Reset
a) Press "SYSTEM" button on R/C. TV show "SETUP"
b) Select the menu using the "Down " and " Right" button on R/C
c) Go feature setup page to do system reset
Region Code Change
After replacement / repair of the MPEG board, the customer setting and the region code may lost. Changing the Region code will put the player back in the state which it has left the factory.
Region Code
2 EU
3 AP
4 Australia, NZ, Latam
TV System
Menu/ Audio Subtitle (AS) Language
1 English
2 English
3 English
4 English
001 LX3000D/LX3500D /MX2500D
002 MX3600D/MX3800
003 LX3700D/LX3750W
oem derivative
.region code = 1 digit
.tv system = 1 digit
."as/menu lang" = 1 digit
."AFS" = "architechture Feature Set" = 3 digits
This field is used to define the architecture / features sets for each product.
."oem derivative" = 2 digit
This field is use to define the OEM set. This will affect the background display.
Hence in total, reprograming will be done by way of the remote control. It should run as below :-
a) Put the player in stop mode. No disc loaded.
b) Press the following key on remote control:
For MX2500D/78 (LATAM) :
<PLAY> <159> <411> <001> <08> <PLAY>
After the Region Code is changed it is necessary to reset the system so that the new Region Code will be fully effective. All customer setting will be lost.
On top of the maximum number of times allowed for changing the region code is changed to 25.
When the counter reach 25, you will not be able to further change the code until you reset the timer by the Region Code timer reset procedure
Region code change timer reset
Press below key to reset the timer :
a) In DISC source, stop mode and no disc in tray.
b) Press R/C "Play -159-PLAY" to reset timer to 25
Tuner area change
a) Press the "OPEN/CLOSE" button to open the set's door
b) Press "1" "5" "9" button by using R/C.
d) Select the tuner area you want by using the " Down" and "Right " button on R/C, then press "OK" to confirm. TV show " TUNER AREA CHANGED"
If you didn't press it in five seconds, the system will remain original status
Video Out Change
a) Press "SYSTEM" on R/C button
b) Select the menu using the " Down" and " Right" button on R/C
c) Go picture setup page select Video out item.
Password Change
a) Press "SYSTEM" on R/C button
b) Select the menu using the "Down " and " Right" button on R/C
c) Go feature setup page select "PASSWORD". TV show "ENTER CODE".Press 4 times of "STOP" button on R/C.
d) Select "PARENTAL" "8 ADULT" on TV.
e) Enter PASSWORD to "1234".
"1234" is a default password supplied.
Checking on the Software version
a) Open the CD door.
b) Press "123" and "OK" on the remote control.
c) TV will show the version on screen.
Upgrading new software
a) Open the door, then insert the CD-R program disc.
b) Close the door.
c) TV will show:-
."disc loading"
."writing" about 6 seconds.
The latest upgraded is in version VER0610.
Removing disc manually
Take a mini screw driver about 2mm diameter and make a marking 24mm from the tip as shown in figure 2. Place the set on its side, insert the mini screw driver till the marking and slide it towards the right as shown in figure  until the Tray moves out of the Front Panel.