Tuesday, December 29, 2015



The machine does not switch on
No power supply.
Check the electrical circuit.
The machine does not warm up
The thermostats have intervened The power supply does not reach the boiler.
Replace the thermostats (if of the One shot type) If they are manual, reset them If they are automatic, they are reset automatically Check the electrical connections.
The pump is very noisy
There is no water in the tank The pump has disengaged from the supports The silicone pipe that carries the water from the tank to the pump is pinched or blocked.
Fill the tank Insert the pump into the supports once again Check the water circuit.
The coffee is too cold
The filter holder is not inserted for the pre-heating process The cups are cold
Run hot water through the filter holder Pre-heat the cups with hot water
The milk does not froth
The milk is not suitable (powdered or skimmed milk) Dirty nozzle or Cappuccino maker.
Use whole milk Carefully clean the nozzle or the cappuccino maker with water.
The coffee flows too quickly and does not form the cream
Little coffee in the filter holder Grinding level too coarse There is a missing component in the filter holder.
Increase the quantity Use a different mixture Verify that all the components are in place and installed correctly.
The coffee does not flow or it flows in drops
Grinding level too fine The coffee is pressed too much in the filter holder Too much coffee in the filter holder Blocked water channels Blocked filter in the filter holder.
Use a different mixture Agitate the coffee Reduce the amount of coffee Descale the machine Carefully clean the filter.
The coffee does not flow from the edges
The filter holder has been inserted incorrectly into the coffee dispensing unit The upper border of the filter holder is dirty The seal of the boiler is dirty or worn Too much coffee in the filter holder.
Insert the filter holder correctly Clean the edges of the filter holder Clean or replace the seal Reduce the amount of coffee.
Flow meter

1) upper body
2) flow meter
3) magnet
4) O-ring seal
5) lower body
A) Board
The water enters, hits against the blades of the flow meter, causing it to turn. The magnet passes beneath the board and transmits the number of revs to it, which in turn transmits it to the main board.
Anti-scale filter

# Reduced limescale deposits that take longer to form.
# Improved water quality.
# Better taste due to ideal water hardness
Descaling duration / efficiency:
# - 10 Degree dH
# 60 litres
# 2 months
To obtain a linear characteristic of its effectiveness, throughout the duration of the descaling process, the water is split according to the degree of hardness in a three-phase by-pass (A, B and C).
Wiring diagram