Thursday, December 03, 2015

SHARP BD – HP22H How to disassemble software updating and power supply circuit

Contents of this article 

  • How to update the Software 
  • How to Disassemble the player 
  • SMPS power supply schematics 



1. Press [Power] button to turn the switch on, then wait till the BD_LED changes from blinking to lit.
2. Press [Tray Open/Close] button to open the Tray, put the upgrade disc on the tray and close the tray.
3. The power automatically turns off. Then it turns on again and the upgrading with the disc will start.
4. During the upgrading, the mode indicator stays blinking in white as "V-up" message keeps blinking on LCD.
"NOW UPDATING DO NOT UNPLUG AC CORD" appears on the monitor screen.
And the version updating progress is expressed in %.
5. When upgrading with the disc is completed, the Tray automatically opens.
# If the front-end software was upgraded, the standby LED lights up halfway as well as the mode indicator starts blinking alternately in white and
blue.; the Tray will open after the upgrading is completed and the power will turn off. (Go to step 8.)
6. When the upgrading is completed, the following appears on the monitor screen.:
If the version updating fails, "FAILED TO COMPLETE UPDATE RETRY SOFTWARE UPDATE" is displayed. Take out the disc, turn off the power
and take the procedure again starting from [1] above.
7. Remove the disc from the Tray and press any other button of the Main Unit than [Power], then the Tray will close and the power will automatically
turn off. (Confirm the power-off by stop of the Cooling Fan.)
# If [Power] button is pressed, the power will turn off with the Tray open.
8. Press [Power] button to turn the power on, then wait till the MODE INDICATOR changes from blinking to lit.
9. Press the [SETUP] button on the remote controller, and the menu screen shows up (if the wallpaper screen is used).
# There is no need to take this step, because just after the power is turned on, the menu screen shows up.
10.Select [SETTINGS] first and then [VERSION]. (Press the ENTER button.)
11.The version of the currently installed software appears on the monitor screen. Compare with the version of this updated software, make sure the
version is just the same. If the version id not updated, take the procedure again from Step [2].
12.Press [Power] button to turn the power off. (Confirm the power-off by stop of the cooling fan
NOTE: Do not unplug the AC cord during version updating.
Removing the tray cover
1. Eject the tray by open the Front door and inserting a pin into the
compulsory eject hole, then remove the Tray cover.

Removing the cabinet and the panel
1. Remove two screws 1 and three screws 2 from the Top cabinet.
2. Unhook claws of the Front panel and remove the Front panel.

Removing the BD drive
1. Disconnect the Power cable between the BD drive and Power PWB.
Disconnect the SATA cable between the BD drive and Main PWB.
2. Remove three screws 3, four screws 4 and remove the BD drive upward.

Removing the front PWB
1. Disconnect the LCD FFC between the LCD PWB and MAIN PWB.
2. Remove three screws 5 .

Removing the fan and the rear terminal board
1. Remove two screws 6 .
2. Remove six screws 7 .
3. Disconnect the fan cable connector and remove the Fan.

Removing each PWB
1. Disconnect the board to board connector from the Main PWB and Analog PWB, then remove two screws 8 .
Disconnect the board to board connector between the Main PWB and Power PWB.
2. Remove two screws 9.
3. Remove three screws 10 .
4. Remove the Insulation holder.