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SHARP LC-26A37M - LC-32A37M Service mode adjustments and factory reset

SHARP LC-26A37M - LC-32A37

1. Adjustment method after PWB and/or IC replacement due to repair
The unit is set to the optimum at the time of shipment from the factory. If any value should become improper or any adjustment is necessary due to the part replacement, make an adjustment according to the following procedure.
1. Procure the following units in order to replace the main unit, IC3001and IC1951.
DUNTKF067FM05 (LC-32A37M)
NOTE: [Caution when replacing ICs in the main unit (IC2304/IC1902/IC1922)]
The above ICs are EEPROMs storing the EDID data of HDMI and the monitor microcomputer. Before replacing the relevant part, procure the following parts in which the data have been rewritten.
2. After replacing the LCD panel or LCD control PWB, check PANEL_SIZE in the following procedure.
1) Enter the process adjustment mode.
2) Use the cursor keys UP/DOWN and CH UP/DOWN of R/C to select the item [Inch Setting].
3) Verify that the panel size is displayed.
4) If the size doesn't match, select the values of the panel size with the Vol +/- keys.
5) After selection in Step 4), press the ENTER key, and it is completed with OK displayed.
3. After replacing the LCD panel, adjust the VCOM in the following procedure.
1) Enter the process adjustment mode.
2) Use the cursor keys UP/DOWN and CH UP/DOWN of R/C to select the item [ VCOM ADJ].
3) Press the ENTER key to verify that the adjustment pattern is displayed.
4) Use the +/- keys of VOL of R/C to adjust the flicker in the center of the screen to minimum.
5) When the optimal state is achieved in Step 4, press the ENTER key to turn the pattern to OFF.
Entering the adjustment process mode
There are 2 ways as follows:
# After power-on, press “ADJUSTMENT PROCESS” key of the remote control.
# During servicing.
While holding down the TV/VIDEO and DOWN keys at the same time, set the Power switch to ON. (“K” standing for inspection process mode  displayed in the upper left position of the screen.) > Press the Channel DOWN and Volume DOWN keys at the same time. (The adjustment process mode screen appears.)
To cancel it, turn off the power using the Power switch or remote control.
Lamp error detection
1. Function
This LCD colour TV set incorporates a lamp error detection feature that automatically turns off the power for safety under abnormal lamp or lamp
circuit conditions. If by any chance anything is wrong with the lamp or lamp circuit or if the lamp error detection feature is activated for some reason, the following will result.
1) The power is interrupted in about 6 seconds after it is turned on.
(The power LED on the front of the TV set turns red from green and keeps blinking in red: ON for 250 ms and OFF for 1 sec.).
2) If the above phenomenon 1) occurs 5 times consecutively, it becomes impossible to turn on the power. (The power LED remained red).
2. Measures
1) Checking with lamp error detection OFF
Enter the adjustment process mode, referring to 1. Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode.If there is a problem with the lamp or lamp circuit, the lamp will go out. (The power LED is green.) Then, you can check the operation to see if the lamp and lamp circuit are in trouble.
2) Resetting the lamp error count
After the lamp and lamp circuit are found out of trouble, reset the lamp error count. If a lamp error is detected five consecutive times, the power cannot be turned on. Using the cursor (UP/DOWN) key, move to the cursor to [LAMP ERROR RESET], Line 8 on adjustment process mode. With the cursor (LEFT/RIGHT) keys, select the [LAMP ERROR RESET] value. Finally press the cursor (ENTER) eys to reset the value to “0”.
Standby Cause Function
This model is equipped with a STANDBY CAUSE FUNCTIONS which stores the cause of why the unit is turned off and displays it on adjustment process mode.
ERROR CODE here indicates cause of standby in normal operation or Function of the Unit.
No display when the unit is turned off with R/C.
Only the latest cause is indicated.
ERROR CODE here indicates cause of Error in the unit. It also indicates accumulated operating times of the unit.
The last five histories are displayed. 1)-5) five histories 1) is the latest. When there is no error, error code is ‘0’ and no characters appears
Display Code
Display Code
 White Balance Adjustment
Adjustment gradation values (IN) appear on page 7/11 of process adjustment, and adjustment initial values (offset value) appear on pages 8/11 and 9/11. For white balance adjustment, adjust the offset values on pages 8/11 and 9/11.
[Condition of the unit for inspection] Modulated light: MAX (+8)
[Adjustment reference device] Minolta CA-210
1) Display the current adjustment status at point 6. (Page 7/11 of process adjustment) The display for checking the adjustment status is toggled by pressing the “6” button on the remote control.
(Normal OSD display >  “6” >  display for check (OSD disappears) >  “6” > normal OSD display >  • • •)
2) Read the value of the luminance meter.
3) Change M GAMMA R6/M GAMMA B6 (Adjustment offset value) on page 9/11 of process adjustment so that the values of the luminance meter approach x = 0.272 and y = 0.277.
(Basically, G is not changed. If adjustment fails with R and B, change G. When G is lowered, the weaker of R and B must be fixed.)
4) If G is changed in step 3), change the values of M GAMMA G2 on pages 8/11 and 9/11 of process adjustment as follows. When not changed, go to step5).
Offset value of M GAMMA G2 = (Offset value of M GAMMA G6) * (320/928)
5) Display the adjustment status of the current point 2. (Each time the “2” button on the remote control is pressed, the adjustment status check display is toggled.)
(Normal OSD display >  “2” >  Check display (OSD disappears) >  “2” >  Normal OSD display > • • •)
Change M GAMMA R5/M GAMMA B2 (adjustment offset value) on page 9/11 of process adjustment so that the values of the luminance meter approach x = 0.272 and y = 0.277.
[Adjustment reference standard value]
Adjustment spec ±0.004 Inspection spec ±0.006 (point 1)
Adjustment spec ±0.002 Inspection spec ±0.004 (Excluding the above-mentioned)
Adjusting procedure by use of [RS-232C]
1) Get ready the PC with COM port (RS-232C) running on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP operating system, as well as the RS-232C cross cable.
2) Start the unit with the RS-232C cable connected.
3) Start the terminal software. (The freeware readily available on the Internet will do.)
4) Make the following settings.
Baud rate 9,600 bps
Data LENGTH 8 bit
Parity bit None
Stop bit 1 bit
Flow control None
5) If the settings are correct, the terminal software indicates "ERR" against pressing of the "ENTER" key.
6) After the settings are done correctly, it is possible to make an adjustment by typing in the command shown in the table below and pressing the"ENTER" key on the keyboard.
7) Command entry is successful if the terminal software indicates "OK" when the "ENTER" is pressed. If "ERR" is shown, retry to enter the command.
8) Send the process mode switching command to switch from the RS232C operation mode to the process mode. KRSW0001: "ERR" is returned. KKT10037: When "OK" is returned, the process mode becomes active. When "ERR", start over from KRSW0001.
9) Send each adjustment command.
Factory settings
# Enter the adjustment process mode.
# Move the cursor to [Factory Init] on page 2/11.
# Use the R/C key to select a destination [HONG KONG/CHINA/ASIA].
And, press the [OK] key.
# “EXECUTING...” appears and initialization starts.
# After a while, “*** OK ***” appears and the setting is complete.
NOTE: Never turn the power off during initialization.
When performing factory settings (while displaying page 2 of adjustment process), confirm that the item “Inch Setting” or the panel size displayed in the upper right corner corresponds to each panel size
How to Enter in the Public Mode (Hotel Mode).
Turn on the power and enter in the Adjustment Process mode as usual.
In the [INIT], Page 2/11 of Service, turns ON the Public Mode option.
Turn off TV by pressing Main Power switch.
While pressing “VOL+” and “INPUT” keys at the same time, press Main Power switch for more than 2 seconds.
Then, when you are asked for the password, enter “027”.