Tuesday, December 29, 2015


SHARP LC-60C6600U - LC-70LE660

The adjustment values are set to the optimum conditions at the factory before shipping. If a value should become improper or an adjustment is
required due to part replacement, make an adjustment according to the following procedure.
After replacement of any PWB unit and/or IC for repair, please note the following.
• When replacing the following units, make sure to prepare the new units loaded with updated software.
MAIN Unit: DKEYMG460FM01 : LC-60LE660U/C6600U
DKEYMG460FM02 : LC-70LE660U/C6600U
• When replacing the LCD control PWB, perform the VCOM adjustment.
Upgrading of each microprocessor software
CAUTION: Never “POWER OFF” the unit when software upgrade is ongoing.
Otherwise the system may be damaged beyond recovery.
Software version upgrade
The model employs the following software.
• Main software (please use a software version after BUFF_C_104.img).
The main software, monitor microprocessor software can be upgraded by using a general-purpose USB Memory.
The followings are the procedures for upgrading, explained separately for the main software, monitor microprocessor software.
Main software version upgrade
Get ready before you start
• USB Memory of 128MB or higher capacity.
• PC running on Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP operating system.
• USB Memory reader/writer or PC with a USB port.
• The file system of a USB memory is FAT. (FAT32 supports)
• Use the USB memory without other functions. (lock and memory reader...etc)
To upgrade the main software, it is necessary to get ready the USB Memory for version upgrade before you start.
Follow the steps below and create the USB Memory for version upgrade.
1. Copy the file BUFF_C_xxx.img for version upgrade to the root directory (folder) of the USB Memory.
NOTE: In the USB Memory drive, do not store other folders or unrelated files, or more than one file for version upgrade.
Now the USB Memory for version upgrade is ready.
How to upgrade the software
1. Please copy "BUFF_C_xxx.img" file and place it on a USB memory device in the root directory.
(Please make it the only file in the root directory. Otherwise, other files might cause some problem during update process.)
2. Plug in the power to the TV.
3. Press "menu" on the remote control and go to "Information" and select "Software Update".
4. Select "Manual Update" then select "USB Update".
5. A screen telling to insert the USB memory device will appear so please insert the USB on back of the TV.
6. After insert the USB memory device, please push "Enter" on the remote control.(This will select "OK" on the screen.)
Sometimes a message that there is no firmware in the USB might show but, please ignore that message and keep pressing "enter" on your remote control to select OK on the screen. Then the updating will start.
7. The screen will turn black and firmware updating will start.
The updating screen will show and when "Update complete" is shown, updating is finished
8. After 10 minutes, or the "Update complete" is shown, power off the TV by unplugging the AC cord.
9. Take the USB memory device off the TV
10.Plug in the AC cord and turn on the TV.
11.Check that the firmware has been updated by below process.
Press "menu" on remote control and go to "Information" and select "Identification" Then check the version number is SWx.xx.
Entering and exiting the adjustment process mode
1) Before entering the adjustment process mode, the AV position RESET in the video adjustment menu.
2) While holding down the “VOL (–)” and “INPUT” keys at a time, plug in the AC cord of the main unit to turn on the power. The letter “<K>” appears on the screen.
3) Next, hold down the “VOL (–)” and “CH ( DOWN)” keys at a time.
(The “VOL (–)” and “CH ( DOWN)” keys should be pressed and held until the display appears.) Multiple lines of blue characters appearing on the display indicate that the unit is now in the adjustment process mode. When you fail to enter the adjustment process mode (the display is the same as normal startup), retry the procedure.
4) To exit the adjustment process mode after the adjustment is done, unplug the AC cord from the outlet to make a forced shutdown. (When the power was turned off with the remote controller, once unplug the AC cord and plug it again. In this case, wait 10 seconds or so before plugging.)
CAUTION: Use due care in handling the information described here lest your users should know how to enter the adjustment process mode. If the settings are tampered in this mode, unrecoverable system damage may result.
LCD section adjustment [LCD module adjustment]
1) Enter the process mode using the process adjustment remote control.
2) Select [VCOM ADJ] using the Channel / keys on the remote control.
3) Press the Enter key to check that the pattern for adjustment is displayed.
4) Make adjustment so that the flicker located in the center of the screen is minimized using the Volume +/- keys on the remote control.
5) If the optimum condition is obtained in step 4, press the Enter key to turn off the pattern.
LED flashing
POWER indicator
TIMER indicator
Flashes once
Flashes once
Lamp error
Flashes twice

Flash once
Power supply error 1  AC_DET error
Flash twice
Power supply error 2  UR+13.5V error
Flash 3 times
Power supply error 3  D+3.3V error
Flash 5 times
Power supply error 5  Panel power supply error
Flash 6 times
Power supply error 6  DRC power supply error
Flash 7 times
Power supply error 7  FRC power supply error
Flashes 3 times

Flashes once
Initial communication error
Flashes twice
Start-up confirmation communication error
Flashes 3 times
Regular communication error
Flashes 5 times
Other communication error
Flashes 4 times
Flashes once
Temperature error
Flash twice
Synchronism error
Flashes 3 times
Notification from the main microprocessor