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DENON AV Receiver firmware update - DENON AVR-2307CI – AV receiver Repair and Service

Category: AV Receiver repair and service 

Contents of this article 

  • Preparing D-sub 9 pin cable
  • Connection diagram 
  • Updating the firmware 


Preparations before starting the operation
Preparation for the Personal Computer:
Minimum hardware and software requirements:
Type:- PC/AT compatible
CPU:- Intel Pentium/Celeron300MHz or faster
RAM:- 128MB or more
Free hard disc space:- 25MB or more
OS:- Windows XP Home Edition / Professional SP2 or more
Display resolution:- Super VGA (800x600) or more.
Port:- Serial COM port (D-Sub 9pin)
Communication speed:- RS-232C: 115,200bps
Preparations for the cables.
Serial Straight Cable for RS-232C consisting of D-Sub 9P(female) and D-Sub 9P(female) cable. D-Sub 9P(male) and D-Sub 9P(male) Gender Changer.

Note: There is the RS-232C(Male and Female) 9P cable like the following picture on the market.
Then you don’t need to use Gender Changer. However, Please confirm a nut part. If you can't remove the nut part, then you can't use this cable. Because, AV Receiver RS-232C port also has the nut. You can not insert cable as physical conflict.

Connection diagram.
Connect the RS-232C cable between RS-232C port of PC and RS-232C port on rear panel of AV Receiver.

Install the DENON Flash ROM Writer Compact version.
(1) Execute the “FWCV_AVR2307_V0028_SETUP.exe”.
(2) Install utility according to message.
(3) After installed, you can see the ‘DENON AVR2307_FWCV_V0028’ icon on desktop.
Firmware update procedure.
Please keep the following notice for firmware update.
a) Keep the PC environment.
b) Avoid the communication cable from the electrical noise source.
(e.g. telephone cable, AC line, a fluorescent light)
c) Don’t remove cable during update.
d) Don’t turn off the power during update.
e) Don’t run other PC application during update.
f) Stop the resident program on PC. (Virus checker and System check utility, etc)
g) Stop the screen saver ability on PC.
h) Stop the power save ability on PC.
i) In case of laptop PC, Use the AC adaptor.
Turn on the AV Receiver.
Operate the following. Turn on the AV Receiver.
1) Turn on the power switch of the AV Receiver.
2) Confirm the power indicator is green. If the power indicator is red, make the power indicator green pushing the ON/STANDBY button.
Run the DENON Flash ROM Writer Compact version.
Run the ‘DENON AVR2307_FWCV_V0028’ on desktop of PC.
Communication check.
1) Select the serial port number of PC.
2) Click the “Check communication” button
3) If connection is good, then you can see the” Communication check OK.” message.
4) Please wait 1 min at least. If connection is not good, then you can see the “Communication
check NG!” message.
Please confirm the following.
a) Check the connection .
b) Check the firmware update mode status .
c) Check the port number of PC.Start the firmware update. Click the “Update” button.
Complete the firmware update.
1) When Update utility completed the firmware update, you can see the “Update completed.” Message.
2) If you can’t complete the firmware update, please retry the firmware update from (Turn on the AV Receiver).. However, if you failed update during Main CPU update, then you need to use a specific update procedure.
Specific update mode.
If you failed update during Main CPU update, then you need to use this specific update procedure.
1) The AV Receiver is connected with PC with the RS-232C cable.
2) Push the ‘SPEAKER A’ + ‘ZONE 2’ button simultaneously. And turn on the power switch of the AV Receiver.
3) Power indicator indicates red color. This is specific update mode.
4) Please execute the firmware update.
Confirming the firmware’s number after upgraded
After completion of the updating operation, the new version number can be confirmed by starting up the AVR-2307CI according to the following procedure. With the following operation, the AVR-2307CI can be set to the Flash-ROM Version-Number Confirmation Mode. Turn the power of the AVR-2307CI on.
While holding both “STATUS” button and “DIMMER” button on the front panel simultaneously.
Every time the “STATUS” Button is pressed, version numbers of the MAIN, SUB, etc. are indicated on the front panel section in the following order.