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Harman Kardon AVR 230 Power amplifier circuit -Resetting remote code search – Remote reset – Resetting the memory of the remote – erasing macro

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  • How to program the remote without codes
  • Resetting the AVR
  • Power amplifier circuit 

Harman Kardon AVR 230

Auto-Search Remote codes 
1. Turn on the product that you wish to include in the AVR remote.
2. Press and hold both the Input Selector for the type of product to be entered (e.g., VCR, TV) and the Mute button ( at the same time. When the Program/SPL Indicator turns amber and begins flashing, release the buttons. It is important that you begin the next step within 20 seconds.
3. To find out if the code for your unit is pre-programmed, point the AVR remote towards the unit to be programmed, and press and hold the UP button. This will send out a series of codes from the remote’s built-in data base, with each flash of the red light under the Input Selector  indicating that a code has been sent. When the device to be programmed turns off,immediately release the UP  button. Note that it may take one minute or more until the right code is found and the unit turns off.
4. When the UP button was not released in time after the unit turned off, the proper code will be overrun. That’s why a function test should be made: Turn the unit on again and, while the Input Selector  still lights red, press the UP button once, than the DOWN button  once too. When the unit turns off, the right code was found, when not, the code was overrun. To refind the correct, while the Input Selector  still lights red, press (not hold pressed) the DOWN button D repeatedly to step backwards through the codes available and observe the reaction of the unit at each press. As soon as the unit turns off the correct code is found.
5. Press the Input Selector again, and note that the red light will flash three times before going dark to confirm the entry.
6. Try all of the functions on the remote to make certain that the product operates. Keep in mind that many manufacturers use a number of different combinations of codes, and it is a good idea to make certain that not only the Power control works, but the volume, channel and transport controls, as appropriate.
Resetting the Remote Memory
As you add components to your home-theater system, occasionally you may wish to totally reprogram the remote control without the confusion of any commands, macros or ”Punch-Through“ programming that you may have done. To do this, it is possible to reset the remote to the original factory defaults and command codes by following these steps. Note, however, that once the remote is reset, all commands or codes that you have entered will be erased and will need to be reentered:
1. Press any of the Input Selector buttons and the 0 button at the same time until the Program/SPL Indicator  begins to flash amber.
2. Press the 3 button three times.
3. The red LED under the Input Selector  will go out and the Program/SPL Indicator  will stop flashing and turn green.
4. The Program/SPL Indicator  will remain green until the remote is reset. Note that this may take a while, depending on how many commands are in the memory and need to be erased.
5. When the Program/SPL Indicator  goes out, the remote has been reset to the factory settings.
Erase a macro
1. Simultaneously press and hold the Mute Button and the Macro Button containing the macro until the LED flashes.
2. Press the Surround Button to erase the macro.
Resetting the Remote
To reset the remote to its factory defaults, simultaneously press and hold any Input Selector and the “0” Numeric Key. When the Program LED flashes in amber, enter the code “333”. When the green LED goes out, the remote will have been fully reset.
Processor Reset
There may be instances when you wish to fully reset the AVR  to its factory defaults, or the unit may behave erratically after a power surge. To correct erratic behavior, first try turning the Master Power Switch off and unplugging the AC power cord for at least three minutes. Plug the cord back in and turn the receiver back on. If this doesn’t help, try a system reset. NOTES: A system reset erases all user configurations, including video resolution, speaker and level settings, and tuner presets. After a reset, you will need to reenter all of these settings.
Resetting the AVR
Place the receiver in Standby mode (press the frontpanel Standby/On Switch so that the Power Indicator turns amber). Press and hold the front-panel Surround Mode Button for 5 to 10 seconds until the RESET message appears in the display.