Saturday, January 09, 2016

PANASONIC HT- Q100 Initialization and disassembling procedure – Audio system repair and service

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  • Initializing MICOM
  • Disassembling 


Initializing the Micom
In STANDBY status, press and hold the ‘STOP’ button for more than 5 seconds. After that, the red STANDBY LED blinks and the Micom is reset.
Updating the Micom
There is a 6-pin connector port at the rear of the Home Theater.
Connect the 6-pin cable to this port and start the update.
For an update, the following are needed.
(Computer, ROM-Writer, Connection Cable, Update Program)- OTP is available only for a Flash Micom.
Checking the Micom and MPEG Versions
1) Play a DVD or CD.
2) Open the disc tray and press the Menu button on the remote control.
3) Press the ‘8’, ‘9’ and ‘5’ numeric keys in sequence and press the ‘Select’ button.
Initializing and Updating the DVD Flash Memory
1) Prepare a CD or USB storage device including a HEX file for the update. Insert the CD into the disk tray or connect the USB storage device to the Home Theater.
2) When you turn the power on, the ‘Updating’ message appears on the screen and then the power is turned on and off.
3) When the disk tray opens, remove the disk.
4) In “No Disc” status, if you press the ‘STOP’ button for more than 5 seconds, the ‘INITIALIZE’ message appears on the screen and the power is turned off.
5) The initialization is complete.
Separating the Rear Cover and Rear Cabinet /Stand Assy
1. Separate the Rear Cover by pulling it away.
2. Remove the 14 screws.
3. Detach the internal fan connection cable slowly and carefully
4. Separate the SMPS connection cable.

Separating the Main PCB
Remove the 2 screws and separate the 8 connected cables.