Friday, January 29, 2016

PHILIPS 42PFL3609 Service mode - service mode adjustments - Power supply circuit - FAN5571 - FAQ510 - L6562 - OZ9926 - LCD Television Repair and service

Category: LCD Television Repair and Service 

Contents of this article 

  • How to access Service modes 
  • Software updating procedure 
  • Power supply Schematic diagram 


Service Modes
Note: For the new model range, a new remote control (RC) is used with some renamed buttons. This has an impact on the activation of the Service modes. For instance the old “MENU” button is now called “HOME” (or is indicated by a “house” icon). Service Default mode (SDM) and Service Alignment Mode (SAM) offer several features for the service technician, while the Customer Service Mode (CSM) is used for communication between the call centre and the customer. This chassis also offers the option of using ComPair, a hardware interface between a computer and the TV chassis. It offers the abilities of structured troubleshooting, error code reading, and software version read-out for all chassis.
Service Default Mode (SDM)
To start the blinking LED procedure where only layer 2 errors are displayed.
How to Activate SDM
Use the standard RC-transmitter and key in the code “062596”, directly followed by the “MENU” (or HOME) button. After activating this mode, “SDM” will appear in the upper right corner of the screen (when a picture is available).
How to Navigate
When the “MENU” (or HOME) button is pressed on the RC transmitter, the set will toggle between the SDM and the normal user menu (with the SDM mode still active in the background).
How to Exit SDM
Switch the set to STAND-BY via the RC-transmitter.
Service Alignment Mode (SAM)
# To perform (software) alignments.
# To change option settings.
# To easily identify the used software version.
# To view operation hours.
# To display (or clear) the error code buffer.
How to Activate SAM
Via a standard RC transmitter: key in the code “062596” directly followed by the “i+/INFO” button.
How to Navigate
# In SAM, the menu items can be selected with the “Arrow up/down” key on the RC-transmitter. The selected item will be highlighted. When not all menu items fit on the screen, move the “Arrow up/down” key to display the next/previous menu items.
# With the “Arrow Left/Right” keys, it is possible to:
– (De) activate the selected menu item.
– (De) activate the selected sub menu.
3 With the “OK” key, it is possible to activate the selected action.
#• With the “Menu/Home” key, it is possible to go back to the previous selection.
How to Exit SAM
Switch the set to STAND-BY via the RC-transmitter.
Customer Service Mode (CSM)
When a customer is having problems with his TV-set, he can call his dealer or the Customer Helpdesk. The service technician can then ask the customer to activate the CSM, in order to identify the status of the set. Now, the service technician can judge the severity of the complaint. In many cases, he can advise the customer how to solve the problem, or he can decide if it is necessary to visit the customer The CSM is a read only mode; therefore, modifications in this mode are not possible When CSM is activated:
# A test pattern will be displayed during 3 s. This test pattern is generated by the MT822x video processor. So if this test pattern is shown, it could be determined that the back end video chain (MT822x, LVDS, and display) of the SSB is working
How to Activate CSM
Key in the code “123654” via the standard RC transmitter.
Note: Activation of the CSM is only possible if there is no (user) menu on the screen!
How to Navigate
By means of the “Arrow up/down” button on the RC-transmitter, one can navigate through the menu
How to Exit CSM
By pressing the “MENU/HOME” key, the OSD (i+) key, the Stand-by key or the power down button
Main Software Upgrade
1. Copy the “upgrade.bin” file to the root of the USB stick.
2. Power “off” the TV and remove all memory devices.
3. Insert the USB stick that contains the downloaded software upgrade.
4. Switch “on” the TV, and activate the Main menu with the
“Menu/House” key on the remote control.
5. In the Main menu, go to the “Software update” item.
6. Press “OK” key to go to the submenu.
7. Select “Local updates” in the submenu and press the “OK” key to enter the Software Update application.
8. You will be prompted to cancel or to proceed with the software updating.
9. To proceed, select “Update” and press the “OK” key to enter the next menu. In the next menu select “Start” and press “OK” key to start the software update.
10. Upgrading will now begin and the progress of the updating will be displayed. After the software updating is completed, the TV will automatically restart.