Saturday, January 16, 2016

SAMSUNG LCD Panel Repair - TCON board problems - No Display- Dark Display -Vertical and Horizontal Line - Vertical BlockLCD television Repair and service - Manual Service

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  • Tcon Board faults 
  • User faluts 

SAMSUNG LCD Panel Repair

Don’t handle the Panel under the Power-On.
And for disassembly, you have to wait more than 5minute after power off
If you feel any strange sound, smell or smoke, then need to remove the power
Don’t handle the Panel in the Dust and Dirty place.
Don’t handle the Panel with wet materials, especially hands
Hold the Connector body when you remove or assemble any cable.
Abnormal Display

Distortion and unstable picture
Control Board (T-Con) Change

No Display

Only Black or White Screen is displayed but BLU is can check if the backlight is on by pressing the screen slightly.
Color is not Displayed.
Possibly the cause is Fuse open
Control Board (T-Con) Change


Noise on the Display
Control Board (T-Con) Change

Dark Display

Image is not visible or one of them is dark.
Back Light (B/L) is turned off.
Control Board (T-Con) Change

Lamp Off

Lamp is Turned off by the Inverter or Lamp itself.

Vertical and Horizontal Line

Visible the Vertical or Horizontal Line
Panel Defect (None-Repairable)

Vertical Block

Vertical Block Defect
Panel Defect (None-Repairable)

Cross Line

Crossed the Vertical and horizontal Line
Panel Defect (None-Repairable)

Horizontal Block

Horizontal Block Defect
Panel Defect (None-Repairable)


Cell Gap differences by the external forces
User Defect

Reflection Film Stain

Looks the foreign particle on the reflection film by the Handling
User Defect


Strong external forces or the Handling mistake
User Defect

Reflection Film pollution

External failure, display failure, and other failures due to contamination of the panel which is caused by user’s miss handling.
User Defect