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SANYO DP32640 Service mode and power supply circuit diagram - SSC9512 Controller IC – LCD television repair and service

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  • Service mode access
  • Program code
  • Power supply circuit 

SANYO DP32640 

Enter the Service Menu
# Turn off the receiver and disconnect the AC power supply.
# While pressing the Volume “–“ button on the television, reconnect the AC power supply. The Service Menu will now appear. The remote can now be used to make adjustments.
Service Adjustments:
# Press the Cursor UP or DOWN key to select the desired service menu item you want to adjust. See page 4 for the On-screen Service Menu.
# Use the Cursor  LEFT or  RIGHT key to adjust the data.
The  LEFT or  RIGHT key will increase or decrease the data sequentially.
Exit from the Service Menu:
# Press the MENU key to turn off the Service Menu display.
The microprocessor used in this model is a multi-purpose type and is used in several different models. To ensure proper operation and the correct features for your particular model, the program codes must be correct.
Note 1. Option Data 1 (NO. 087 OP1) should be hexadecimal 00. See 087 above. If this program code is wrong the TV will not operate properly.
Note 2. Option Data 2 (NO. 088 OP2) should be hexadecimal 29. See 088 above. If this program code is wrong the TV will not operate properly.
UB-CPU (IC800) is programmed so the set will go to standby mode when there is circuit failure as described below.
This unit is equipped with a Power Failure Detector function included in the SUB-CPU which checks for an abnormal condition in the chassis power supplies. If, while the power is on, a failure is caused by any of the following that results in a low voltage supply, the SUB-CPU will turn the unit off in 1.5 seconds to prevent further damage:
# Failure within the power supply circuits.
# A short circuit in the load side from the supply. Power Failure: Detected voltage failure for circuit. (Connected to IC800 pin 48 and pin 23.) (Normal: High; Failure: Low)
If, while the power is off, the power is switched on and any of these failures remains uncorrected, the SUB-CPU will shut off the power within three seconds.
Check the following if the unit is turned off by the power failure detector.
1. Disconnect the AC power cord (120V AC line) for a short time.
2. Connect a DC Voltmeter to the circuits shown below.
3. Press the Power key and check for the proper voltage supplies.
4. If any of these voltages is low, the power failure detec tor should turn the unit off within three seconds.
Note: If power failure is detected 3 times in 15 minutes, the set will enter the standby mode and cannot be switched On.To reset the operating programs of the SUB-CPU it is necessary to disconnect the AC cord for a short time.
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