Thursday, January 14, 2016

SANYO LCD 32XH6B Service mode - Factory Reset - white balance adjustments – LCD television Repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to enter to Service mode 
  • Initialization
  • White balance adjustment 


On-screen Service Menu System
This set has an On-screen Service Menu System included in the CPU that allows remote operation for most of theservice adjustments.
How to enter the Service Menu
1. Press and hold the MENU button on Side Controls.
2. Keep pressing the MENU button and press the MUTE button on the remote control, and the FACTORY MENU will be displayed.
How to select the service item and adjust data:
To adjust data:
1) Select “DATA” line by pressing UP or DOWN button.
2) Press LEFT/RIGHT button to adjust data.
To exit service mode
Press MENU button to exit service mode.
Note: The all adjusted data in service mode will be memorized into EEPROM automatically.
Service Adjustments
Setting the Initial data
This adjustment is controlled by the CPU (IC8000) through the IIC Bus Data Line in the chassis, and those adjustment
data are memorized the memory IC (IC8001). Therefore, Main board or the memory IC (IC8001) is replaced, these
data will be disappeared. Readjust should be made. Initial data is provided in the CPU ROM, when the memory IC
(IC8001) is replaced with new one. CPU ROM data is loaded into the memory. Initial data is provided to operating the
monitor basically. For operating the monitor quality performance, further adjustment is required following chassis electrical adjustment.
1. Receive good quality signal.
2. Enter the Service Mode.
3. Confirm data value to be the same as the Service Adjustment Data Table. If it is different, change to correct data
4. Exit the Service Mode.
White balance Adjustment
White Pattern 100% (in AV mode).
Picture Mode: STANDARD
Color Temperature: NORMAL
Aging Time: More than 10 minutes
1. Enter the Service Mode.
2. Select "Source ALL" by pressing ed button, and select "Properties White" by pressing 7 8 button.
3. Set R,G,B value to “FF” by pressing NUMERIC buttons.
To adjust Red : Press 1 (data value up) and 4 (data value down).
To adjust Green : Press 2 (data value up) and 5 (data value down).
To adjust Blue : Press 3 (data value up) and 6 (data value down).
4. Decide one item in three items to a fixed value (For example, let R be fixed value), select item of other 2 colors
(Example, G or B), and adjust to produce a normal black and white picture in highlight areas.
(Note: At this time, Adjust the other 2 colors data less than fixed data.)
5. Exit the Service Mode.
After adjustment, confirm white balance again by normal picture.