Sunday, January 10, 2016

SHARP HT-SB250 HOME THEATRE SOUND BAR SYSTEM Factory reset – Test mode – E1- E2- E3 Error codes – Disassembling procedure

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Contents of this article 
  • Factory Reset Of the system
  • Test mode 
  • Disassembling 


Factory reset
Make sure to disconnect all audio input cables attached to the unit before performing the factory reset.
1. Press the ON/STAND-BY button to enter the power stand-by mode.
2. While pressing the SURROUND button, press and hold the ON/ STAND-BY button until “CL” appears.
If problem occurs during operation
When this product is subject to strong external interference (mechanical shock, excessive static electricity, abnormal supply voltage due to lightning, etc.) or if it is operated incorrectly, it may malfunction.
If such a problem occurs, do the following
1. Set the unit to the stand-by mode and turn the power on again.
2. If the unit is not restored in the previous operation, unplug and plug in the unit, and then turn the power on.
Test Mode
Enter the Test Mode version display
While pressing down ON/STANDBY and VOL UP button, ON AC supply.
Version will be display on 7 segment as below:-
S2 --> XX --> D
S2 = Model name, SB250
XX= version no.
D = Destination
Enter Key and Display Test Mode
After enter Test Mode version display, Press VOL UP button.
1. All SOUND MODE LED will light ON
2. 7 segment display will light on if press button as below
7 segment
Exit the Test Mode
While in Test Mode function, Press ON/STANDBY button to exit.
Error Code Description
Communication error between Micom and WM8775
> Unplug AC cord and turn power ON again
> Check line connected between Micom and corresponding IC
Communication error between Micom and NJU26040
Communication error between Micom and STA333
Error indicators and warnings
Power indicator (blinks red)
When the protection circuit is activated.
System Protection indicator
In case abnormal power detection has occurred, the unit will automatically enter to stand-by mode ON/Standby LED willl be flashing as below:-
                                                Example for No. 2 AVCK Protect
Unit enter Protect mode when irregular process occur on power supply line.
1. System Protect
2. AVCK Protect
Follow the below-mentioned notes when disassembling the unit and reassembling it, to keep it safe and ensure excellent performance:
1. Be sure to remove the power supply plug from the wall outlet before starting to disassemble the unit.
2. Take off nylon bands or wire holders where they need to be removed when disassembling the unit. After servicing
the unit, be sure to rearrange the leads where they were before disassembling.
3. Check that all speaker cushions  are properly sealed otherwise vibration noise will be very distinct at low frequency sound.
Replace the cushions if they are found damaged during servicing.

Output power of the amplifiers 
Front speaker:
RMS: 12 W (6 W + 6 W) (10% T.H.D.)
RMS: 9.6 W (4.8 W + 4.8 W) (0.9% T.H.D.)
RMS: 20 W (10% T.H.D.)
RMS: 13 W (0.9% T.H.D.