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SHARP LC-22DC30 - Service mode - Software Update procedure - White balance adjustment - Factory reset - LCD Television Repair and Service - Tips Manual

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Contents of this article

  • How to access service mode
  • Software update procedure
  • Factory reset 


Entering and cancel the adjustment process mode
1) While holding down the TV/VIDEO and Volume DOWN keys at the same time, plug in the AC cord to turn on the power. (“K” standing for inspection process mode is displayed on the upper left position of the screen.)
2) Press the Channel DOWN and Volume DOWN keys at the same time. (The adjustment process mode screen appears.)
3) To cancel it, turn off the power using the Power switch or remote control.
Remote controller key operation and description of display in adjustment process mode.
Key operation
Remote controller key
Main unit key
Changing channel (UP/DOWN)
VOL (+ / –)
VOL (+ / –)
Changing volume (UP/DOWN)
Cursor (UP / DOWN )

Turning a page (PREVIOUS/NEXT)
Cursor ( LEFT/RIGHT )

Changing a selected line setting (+10/-10)
INPUT button on remote con troller

INPUT button

Input source switching (toggle switching)

Software upgrading.
1) Plug off the LCD TV.
2) Insert the USB device to the USB terminal at the LCD TV.
(Make sure that the latest software is installed in the USB device).
3) Hold the LCD TV power key and plug on the LCD TV.
4) LCD TV is on and detecting the USB device.
5) A few seconds later, the software upgrading will start automatically.
6) Let the process running & entering verification.
7) Software is successfully installed when the following appears at the end of the process.
8) Plug off the LCD TV and plug ON again as usual.
9) LCD TV is running with the latest software.
White balance adjustment
Adjustment Procedure
1) Using the remote control, set the LCD TV to adjustment mode.
2) Measure Max brightness (Lmax).
3) Calculate min. brightness (Lmin)=Lmax/1000.
4) Measure Point 2 brightness (Lhigh).
5) Set the reference value R,G,B of Point 2 (Ref.2)=3664 x (229/P2) where P2=255 x [(Lhigh-Lmin)/(Lmax-Lmin)]1/2.2
6) Set the specified gradation for point 2, fix the most faint colour to get reference value, adjust others 2 colour to minus adjustment for reference value of point 2.
7) Measure Point 1 brightness (Llow).
8) Set the reference value R,G,B of Point 1 (Ref.1)=816 x (51/P1) where P1=255 x [(Llow-Lmin)/(Lmax-Lmin)]1/2.2
9) Set the specified gradation for point 1. Set G of point 1 to the default value [(Ref.1 x
G value of point 2/Ref.2), with fractions rounded] and adjust RB to the reference value of point 1.
10)Set the G of point Max. to the default value (4080 x G value of point 2/Ref.2). Set the R,B Max. value [Gmax-G value of point 2 + (R,B value of pint 2)].
11)Adjusted value is writing at [command] MSET0003.
12)Shut down the AC power.
*Initial value at RGB 2 point : 3664
*Initial value at RGB 1 point : 816
Adjustment Value
ITeaching set send by engineering dept is set as reference.
[Reference value for adjustment reference]
Equipment: Luminance meter [Minolta CA-210]

Spec Data
Adjustment Spec.
Inspection Spec.
Point 2 ref. values




Point 1 ref. values



 Factory setting
Factory setting with adjustment process mode
1) Enter the adjustment process mode.
2) Move the cursor to [Factory init] on page 2/10.
3) Press “ENTER” to execute
4) After a while,"OK" display appears and background colour is green, the setting is completed.
The followings are initialized to factory setting
1) User setting
2) Channel data (e. g. broadcast frequencies)
3) Manufacturer’s option settings
4) Password data
5) Setting values are set based on model destination
USB Clone (Smart Loader)
The Smart Loader is a function implemented in the service software to easily replicate the user settings of one TV into another.
These settings include (but not restricted to): picture and audio, turning set-up, language and country selection, PIN, child locked programs etc.
Factory adjustments are not copied as they are different for every TV.
The Smart Loader makes possible the user data to be stored in a memory device connected to the USB terminal of the TV that is used as reference
and later load those data into other TVs by using their respective USB terminal.
How it works
1. Enter USB clone menu (Smart Loader)
i) Press panel key [TV/VIDEO] and [VOL+] and AC on, it will go to password entry OSD
ii) Enter digit “369” then it will go to Smart Loader Menu
Smart Loader function
i) SMLD Store
# To copy all related data from TV -> USB and put under a fixed filename “SHP_SMLD.bin” (8kB).
ii) SMLD Restore
# To restore the related data from USB -> TV.
iii) SMLD Store and Restore execution
# To execute SMLD Store or SMLD Restore, highlight at selected item and press Enter.
# When copying is in process, “WAIT” is displayed.
# After cloning process is done, “OK” is displayed.
If cloning process is not finished due to error (e.g. no pendrive detected), “NG” is displayed.
3. Exit USB Clone menu (Smart Loader)
i) To exit Smart Loader menu, plug off AC Cord.