Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SHARP LC-60LE644U Service mode – Software update – LED television Repair and service – Manual Service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to enter to Service mode 
  • Software update 
  • Functional description 


Service mode
How to enter to service mode
Press “INPUT + 0000” Will display factory menu
Software update procedure
Press “INPUT + 0000” display factory menu.
This factory menu contain following functions
1) ADC Adjust
2) Others
3) Lan Test
4) Wifi Test
5) Aging Mode
6) Init EEPROM
7) Factory Reset
8) Version Info
Software update procedure
Software update cautions
1) Do not remove the USB memory device or unplug the AC cord while the software is being
2) Be sure to properly follow the whole procedure described below, step by step. Otherwise, For
example, the TV can not read the data in the USB memory device and software updating will fail.
3) Make sure put .IMG file (the file must begin with ATSC) under the root directory of USB disk in
Software update steps
Step 1 Insert the USB memory device with the update file into the Service terminal on the TV.
Step 2 Press " MENU " to display interface , and Choose “information” .
Step 3 Press " Software Update" ---->”Manual Update”--->USB Update--->”YES’ to start update and waiting the update progress as photo 6.5 until “install all’.
Step 4 Remove the USB memory device
Step 5 Turn off the power and unplug the AC cord. Plug the AC cord again and turn the power back on.
Function Diagram

Function of Board
1) Image Board(M/B)
Control all input signals, Decode the video signal, De-interlace, and send
digital signal (LVDS signal) sent from image Board and display;
2) Panel
Display all image;
3) Key Pad Board
4) IR Board
Receive IR Signal; LED R/G
5) Inverter and Power: the Power Supply for Panel, Image Board;