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BOSE SoundToucH Portable – Disassembling – Test procedure – Software update procedure – Ship mode – audio system repair and

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  • Disassembling procedure 
  • Test Procedure
  • Software update procedure 

BOSE SoundToucH Portable

1. Grill removal
1.1 Remove the two screws located on the bottom of the product using a standard 2.5mm allen key. Bose  part number 349601-0025.
1.2 Push the rear cover down and lift upward to release
1.3 Remove the two screws securing the grille assembly.
1.4 Push the grille assembly down and lift upward to release. Then remove the cable from the Wi-Fi Module to the display board connector J200.
Important Note: Take ESD precautions when connecting or disconnecting the OLED display. Refer to page 5 for ESD precautions.

Important Note: The display assembly must be replaced with the display assembly listed in the main part list. There are different OLEDs that need to match the display PCB. The display assembly listed in the main part list uses a matched OLED and display PCB
2. End Cap Removal
2.1 Remove the two screws holding the end caps to the enclosure.
2.2 Push each end cap down to release the hooks holding them in place.

3. Rear Cover and Top Cap Removal
3.1 Remove the three screws holding the
rear cover. Then remove the two screws
holding the top cap.

SoundTouch Portable Digital Music
System Functional Tests
Equipment Required
Audio Signal Generator
1. Begin the test with the volume set to zero.
2. Confirm the Audio Signal Generator output is set to zero volts before connecting.
1. Air Leak Test
1.1 Connect the audio signal generator to the mini jack AUX input on the back of SoundTouch Portable
1.2 Set the signal generator output to:
A. Voltage = 0V
B. Frequency = 80Hz +/- 10%
1.3 Press the power button on the SoundTouch Portable, and select AUX input. Press and hold the volume plus button for 15 seconds, this should set the system to max volume.
1.4 Set the Signal generator output to:
A. Input Voltage = 0.06 Vrms +/- 10%
B. Frequency = 80Hz +/- 5Hz
1.5 Listen for air leaks around all the cabinet seams, joints, and wire harness throughholes.
PASS if no audible air leaks can be heard at a distance of less than 1ft (0.3M) from any exterior surface of the enclosure.
FAIL if any air leaks can be heard at a distance less than 1ft (0.3M) from any exterior surface of the enclosure.
2. Left / Right Driver Test
2.1 Apply an input signal to the SoundTouch left channel only. Set the generator as in step
1.4 except set the frequency to 800Hz and confirm that only the left driver plays.
2.2 Reduce the generator output to zero volts
2.3 Repeat step 3.1 for the right channel.
2.4 Reduce the input signal to zero volts and reconnect the right channel.
3. Frequency Sweep Test
3.1 Set audio signal generator to:
A. Voltage = 0.120 Vrms +10%
B. Sweep range = 70Hz - 3KHz +10%
3.2 Execute the sweep for a minimum of 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.
3.3 Listen for any extraneous noises such as buzzes, rattles, ticks, and distortion.
PASS if no noise can be heard at a distance of less than 1ft (0.3M).
FAIL if any noise can be heard at a distance less than 1ft (0.3M).
3.4 Reduce the input signal to zero volts.
SoundTouch Portable Digital Music
Software Update using a USB flash drive
This procedure describes using a thumb drive to update the SoundTouch Portable software. The software file is available on the Technical Services website.
Software updates can also be done with a key press once the product is connected to the internet via a Wi-Fi network. To update using the Wi-Fi network, press and hold “volume -” and “preset 4”.
Equipment Required
1. USB Flash Drive
2. USB A Female to Micro B Male Adapter
1. USB Flash Drive
1.1 Download the latest version of software from the Technical Services Website.
1.2 Place the software on a USB flash drive.
1.3 Connect the USB flash drive to the Micro USB A connector on the back of the system using the adapter cable described above.
1.4 Press and hold the AUX button for 12 to
14 seconds to reset the system.
1.5 Within a second of releasing the AUX button to reset the product, press and hold the “Volume -” and “preset 1” until the hand with a lineshows on display
The hand will continue to be displayed until 
the software update is complete. The product will then reboot and start up normally.
1.6 Press and hold “volume -” and “preset 5” to see the system information. Scroll through the menu using the volume - and + buttons to confirm the software has been updated. Bose Application Firmware under the SoundTouch Information shows the systems software version.
4. SoundTouch Information
4.2 Bose Application Firmware
1. Entering Ship Mode
1.1 Connect the SoundTouch Portable to a computer as shown in the TAP command set up documented on pages 24 and 25. A prompt (->) should appear within the Tera Term window when boot up is complete.
1.2 Remove power from the SoundTouch Portable. Power must be removed prior to typing the TAP command in the next step.
1.3 Type TAP command “ba s” then press enter. Once the command in entered, the system will be in ship mode and will not “wake up” until power is reapplied.
1.4 Confirm the system does not respond to any button presses.
Note: For products that have the potential of staying in ship mode for an extended period of time - make sure the the battery charge level is between 30 and 70%.