Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to disassemble - Xbox 360 – Step by step disassembling procedure - Removing the top and bottom cover – Bluray player repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • Top and bottom cover removal 
  • How to remove the Locks
  • Outer shell removal 

Xbox 360

Removing the Faceplate Top and bottom covers
 cover Pull up the bottom side of the front faceplate, and completely detach the whole piece.
If you bought the special open tool, insert the pin into the whole on top of the XBOX where the hard drive is docked. See below if you do not have the tool.
Instead you may put your finger under the top cover to the side of the DVD drive and pull up until the first two clips come out. Just lift the first 1/3rd.
Next with the torx screwdriver or special open tool pin, poke the whole in the exact place as illustrated to unclip the next clip. One on each side. The exact location is in-between and belowtwo solid holes of white plastic seen above.
The last clip on the side pictured of the top cover is accessible by removing the rubber support. However, I prefer stick my hand under and pull up so I do not have to remove it. Careful not to break the clips when you reach in and push the plate up. (If you remove the rubber pad, you can super-glue it back on.)
Now we have to turn the console over and take off the flat grey cover on the other side. Poke the 3 places as shown. Here is the 1st hole. There is another in the middle.
Here is the 3rd hole on this side. Next do the 3 clips on the other side the same way. Remove the piece, and set it aside.
Removing the White Outer shell 
(Continue to next page of you do not have the special tool.) Otherwise, turn to the back of the console, and put the 2 pegs on the side with the pin into the two holes above where the power cord plugs-in. (See below.)
Turn or push apart the case to loosen that side.
On the other side, put the corresponding pegs into the holes above the AV/HDMI TV port.
Turn or push to separate the console pieces
Now for all users: Turn the console flat (horizontal), but also upside down as pictured. Notice the 4 clips on the front… Disconnect these with your finger, and pull up on the side of the case as pictured while you unclip the other side. Note that you will be voiding the warranty at this point by opening the console.
Here is the other side. Undo all the clips and pull the top of the case up (Technically the
bottom-side since the console is upside down.) It should be lose and you can lift up the cover now.
Here is a picture of the removal of the first half. If you have used the open tool you’re done.
If still attached, hold the steel case XBOX down, and push the case cover backwards.
Here is a side view. Careful! It will pop out.
Now the top cover is off. Set aside