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PANASONIC 3D HD PROJECTOR - PT-AE8000U - PT-AT6000E – Service mode – Flicker adjustment – Lamp replacement – lamp hour reset – Air filter cleaning - processor update – Projector repair and service

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Contents of this article
  • How to access Extend mode
  • Flicker Adjustment
  • Lamp replacement procedure  
  • Lamp hour reset 


Extend mode (EXT OPTION menu)
This projector has extend mode "EXT OPTION" menu in addition to standard on-screen menus.
This mode has Self-Check function, Test Pattern and other functions for Service.
How to access Extend mode 
1. When the projector is power ON, press "POWER" button on the main unit or remote control unit to display "POWER OFF" confirmation screen.
2. Press the " RIGHT " button to select "CANCEL" in the "POWER OFF" confirmation screen.
3. On the main unit or remote control unit, press the buttons in order of " UP ", " DOWN ", " UP ", " DOWN " and "ENTER".
4. When "MENU" button is pressed at the "EXT OPTION" mode, Extend-mode is closed.
EXT OPTION Menu and Functions
Setting the cooling fan motor rotation speed.
Switching ON "FAN FULLMODE", the rotation level of the fan becomes high-speed rotation (fixed). Moreover, when "FAN FULLMODE" is ON, changing "HIGH ALTITUDE MODE" in OPTION menu becomes impossible (setting FAN FULLMODE is given priority more than HIGH ALTITUDE MODE).
Setting AUTO SETUP mode.
- NORMAL: Dot clock is adjusted strictly.
- SPECIAL: Dot clock is adjusted roughly.
# Do not usually change initial setting (NORMAL)
(1) - Software Version (MM : Main microprocessor, F:FPGA )
# FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)
(2) - Input signal Display ( [NO-SYNC] is displayed when there is no input signal).
(3) - Input Horizontal/Vertical signal frequency (For the RGB/YPBPR Input only)
(4) - The temperature abnormality check ("NG" is displayed for any abnormality)
(5) - Temperature around the air intake port/exhaust port and Filter sensor (deg C/A/D conversion value)
(6) - Filter sensor Difference Correction (A/D conversion) Value
(7) - Rotation check of Intake fan / Lamp fan / Iris fan (Displays "NG" when Fan is abnormal condition)
(8) - Iris condition check (Abnormal condition = "NG")
(9) - Lamp condition check (Abnormal condition = "NG")
(10) - Lamp cover installation check (Abnormal condition="NG")
(11) - Displays the projector cumulative usage time
(12) - Cumulative usage time (actual time) and Number of LAMP ON times "Current number : Last reset : Reset of last but one"
(13)- Displays the serial number of the projector.
(14)- Software Version (SM : Sub microprocessor, IM : IRIS control microcomputer)
(15)- Gamma, Color Unevenness and Crosstalk correction data check (Whether data are stored in the flash ROM)
(16)- Thermo sensor (Intake Air / Exhaust Air / Filter Air) measurement value when thermal shutdown
(deg C/A/D conversion value)
(17)- Rotation check of Exhaust fan and Power fan (Displays "NG" when Fan is abnormal condition)
# When detected abnormal temperature around the air intake port / air exhaust port / LCD block, TEMP indicator turned on. If arriving at the critical temperature, the power supply will shut down automatically (thermal shutdown) and the indicator will flash
18)- Lens memory operation abnormality check (Abnormal condition = "NG")
(19)- Judgment for Replacement Time of Lamp (Cumulative Usage more than 4000H is "NG")
# Warning of the lamp cumulative usage time and shutdown use the conversion time for LAMP POWER "NOMAL".
(20)- The number of times that carried out reset of "LAMP RUNTIME"
(21)- Cumulative usage time (conversion for LAMP POWER "NOMAL" time) and Number of LAMP ON times "Current number : Last reset : Reset of last but one"
Display version of each software and each data.
To enter the flicker adjustment mode.
Note: If replacing the optical parts (Optical block) or A-P.C.Board, adjust to flicker is minimum according to the "Flicker adjustment".
Air filter unit
# Clean the Air filter after every 100 hours of usage.
# A replacement air filter kit (TXFKN01RYNZP) is provided with a replacement lamp unit, ET-LAA410
1. If the air filter is excessively dirty, the internal temperature of the projector increases and may cause malfunction.
2. Do not use the projector without attaching the air filter.
3. The air filter should be replaced when cleaning is ineffective and when replacing the lamp unit.
Replacement procedure for lamp unit
1. Confirm that the lamp unit is cooled down completely. (More than 1 hour has passed after main power is off.)
2. Open the top cover in the direction of the arrow.
3. Lamp cover fixing screw is loosened all the way and remove "Lamp.

4. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the lamp unit fixing screws (2 screws) until loose.
5. Hold the handle of the lamp unit and with the lamp unit lock held in the direction of the red arrow, carefully pull it out of the projector unit in a vertical motion.

6. Insert the new lamp unit in correct direction. Tighten the two lamp unit fixing screws securely with a Phillips screwdriver.
# Press down on the A part firmly when inserting the lamp unit.
7. Attach the lamp cover, and tighten the two lamp cover fixing screws securely with Phillips screwdriver.
8. Close the top cover of the projector.
Reset procedure of the lamp use time
1. Insert the power plug into a power outlet, and press the <ON> side of the <MAIN POWER> switch to turn on the power.
2. Press the <MENU> button to display the menu screen, and select [OPTION] with the UP/DOWN buttons.
3. Press the <ENTER> button, and select [LAMP RUNTIME] with the UP/DOWN buttons.
4. Hold the <ENTER> button down for 3 seconds.
5. Select [OK] with the t u buttons and then press the <ENTER> button.
# LAMP RUNTIME is reset to “0” and the projector prepares to power off.
After a short while, the projector enters power off (standby) mode.
Flicker Adjustment
Adjustment Procedure
1. Select "FLICKER ADJUST" on "EXT OPTION" menu and press "ENTER" button on the main unit or remote control unit.
2. "DESK setting (blue)" is displayed when entering the adjustment mode.
3. Setting value is increased and decreased with the right-arrow " LEFT " and left-arrow " RIGHT " buttons.
- Adjust the setting value to minimize the flicker on the screen.
4. The pattern (adjustment display) is switched with the up-arrow " UP " and down-arrow " DOWN " buttons.
5. Press "MENU" button on the main unit or remote control unit.
- There are 6 patterns of "DESK setting (blue)", "DESK setting (red)", "DESK setting (green)", "CEILING setting (blue)",
"CEILING setting (red)" and "CEILING setting (green)".
- When "MENU" button is pressed, the setting value at that time is saved into this projector and the adjustment mode is canceled.
Microprocessor update procedure
# The update is done by SERIAL terminal connection.
# During update, prevent PC from going into stand-by or shut down.
Update by the SERIAL terminal connection
Equipment to be used
1. Computer : Use it for the transfer of update data.
2. Communication cable : D-sub 9pin (male/female RS-232C straight)
3. Firmware update tool : [PgSendORCA11.exe] Update tool is downloaded from the projector service homepage.
4. Microprocessor Software: Please download the file from the projector service homepage to the PC.
1. Connect the RS-232C termanal of projector
and PC with a RS-232C cable.
Update procedure
1. Switch the projector to "Standby" mode (POWER indicator is Lighting in red).
2. Start up firmware update tool [ PgSendORCA11.exe ] with a computer.
3. Select language and click the [ OK ] button.
4. 1) Select the Serial Port of the computer.
2) Select the model number.
(Case of AT6000, select the AE8000.)
3) Select the CPU(Central Processing Unit) to update.
4) Click the [ PROGRAM LOAD ] button.
5. Appoint the microcomputer software that downloaded in a computer beforehand, and click the [ Open ] button.
6. Click the [ SOFT UPDATE ] button.
7. Click the [OK] button and start update.
# When updated the software of FRC(Frame Creation), a version is not displayed.
8. Click the [ OK ] button after completion message is displayed.
# Reboot Projector, and please confirm whether the version of the Microprocessor Software is updated definitely, with sub menu " STATUS " of the main menu " EXT OPTION ".
Cleaning procedure for Air filter unit
1. Using a Phillips screwdriver to turn the fixing screw of the air filter cover until loose and remove the cover.

2. Hold the grips on the air filter unit, and remove the unit towards arrow.
3. Vacuum the dirt and dust, from the air filter unit.
# Do not wash the air filter unit.