Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to enter to service mode sharp led tv - SHARP 40LE430M - Software date - service mode - Troubleshooting - LED television repair and service

Category: LED Television Repair and Service 

Contents of this article 

  • Software update procedure
  • Troubleshooting procedure
  • Service mode  


In MB70 project you can update the main IC software by using USB ports. You can find the SW update procedure below.
1. Software files should copy directly inside of a flash memory(not in a folder).
2. Put flash memory to the tv when tv is powered off.
3. Power on the and wait. TV will power-up itself.
4. If First Time Installition screen comes, it means software update procedure is succesful.
5. You can check the SW release name from service menu.
In MB70 project you can update the panel Configuration file by using USB ports. You can find the update procedure below.
1. Please copy panel configuration files to USB root.
2. Turn power to OFF by remote controler and plug the USB to TV.
3. Turn power to ON by using remote controler.
4. TV standby led will blink rapidly during the sw update. Please wait approximately for 1-2 minutes.
5. TV will open automatically with the new panel configurations.
1. Please copy Standby micro-controller file to USB root.
2. You have to use Service Menu for standby micro-controller files update.
3. To access the service menu push “menu” button and enter the password “4725” while menu icons are on screen.
4. Plug the USB to TV.
5. Please choose “USB Operations” tab to update standby-micro sw file by using remote controler.
6. Please wait approximately for 30 second
Problem: If TV is working, led is normal and there is no picture and backlight on the panel.
Possible couses: Backlight pin, dimming pin, backlight supply, stby on/off pin
BACKLIGHT_ON/OFF pin should be high when the backlight is ON. R185 must be low when the backlight is OFF. If it is a problem, please check Q131 and the panel cables.
Dimming pin should be high or square wave in open position. If it is low, please check S32
for BRCM side and panel or power cables, connectors.
STBY_ON/OFF_NOT should be high for standby condition, please check R203.
Problem: CI is not working when CI module inserted.
Possible couses: Supply, suply control pin, detect pins, mechanical positions of pins. 50
CI supply should be 5V when CI module inserted. If it is not 5V please check
CI_PWR_CTRL, this pin should be low.
Please check mechanical position of CI module. Is it inserted properly or not?
Detect ports should be low. If it is not low please check CI connector pins, CI module pins
Problem: Staying in stand-by mode, no other operation
This problem indicates a short on Vcc voltages. Protect pin should be logic high while normal operation. When there is a short circuit protect pin will be logic low. If you detect logic low on protect pin, unplug the TV set and control voltage points with a multimeter to find the shorted voltage to ground.
Problem: LED or IR not working
Check LED card supply on MB70 chasis.
Problem: Keypad or Touchpad is not working
Problem: USB is not working or no USB Detection.
Check USB Supply, It should be nearly 5V. Also USB Enable should be logic high.
Problem: No audio at main TV speaker outputs.
Check supply voltages of VDD_AUDIO, 8V_VCC and 12V_VCC with a voltage-meter. There may be a problem in headphone connector or headphone detect circuit (when headphone is connected, speakers are automatically muted). Measure voltage at HP_DETECT pin, it should be 3.3v.
Problem: Device can not boot, TV hangs in standby mode.
There may be a problem about power supply. Check main supplies with a voltage-meter. Also there may be a problem about SW. Try to update TV with latest SW. Additionally it is good to check SW printouts via Teraterm. These printouts may give a clue about the problem. You can use Scart-1 for terraterm connection.
Problem: No signal in TV mode.
Check tuner supply voltage; 5V_TUN. Check tuner options are correctly set in Service menu.
Check AGC voltage at RF_AGC pin of tuner.
In order to reach service menu, First Press “MENU” buton, then write “4725” by using remote controller.
You can see the service menu main screen below. You can check SW releases by using this menu. In addition, you can make changes on video, audio etc. by using video settings, audio settings titles.