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SONY BDP-S500 - How ti enter to service mode - Manual Disc eject - Service mode menu - Factory reset - Blu Ray player Repair and Service

Category: Blu ray Player Repair and Service 

Contents of this article 

  • Service mode access 
  • Manual disc eject 
  • Factory reset 


1. Remove the upper case. 
2. Remove the front display block assy.
3. Insert a clip in the hole of a drive and open a tray.


Work when optical device are replaced
Note: Please do the following work when you replace the optical device.
1. Install it in PC after downloading two set of software from following URL.
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 (x86)
2. Take a photograph of the bar code on the optical device. The valid bar code
3. Drag-and-drop the bar code photograph to the icon of decode software (BDBUDec).
* The decode software is a complete set of “BDBUDec”, “Tasman.Bars.dll”, and “SavePath”.
* Because decode software cannot be attached, it separately distributes it.
4. Input the password when you start decode software.
* Inquire of each service headquarters because the password cannot be disclosed.
5. Write the decode data to the set.
Enter Service Mode
The set disconnect AC, and Push front panel key ( [OPEN/CLOSE] + [PLAY] + [STOP] ) and AC IN.
The keys will be released if the character of "SERVICE" displays on a front panel display.
After that, the screen in service mode is displayed on a monitor.
Control via Remote Controller
Display Error Log
Error log is displayed.
The displayed logs can be saved in a USB memory.
The unit test of the device mounted on the Main Board.
The unit test of the device mounted on the wireless board. (only wireless model)
Factory Initialize
Return all of the player setting to their factory defaults.
Caution: please check boot normally after that.
Confirm Wired Network connection.
Version Up
The set updates by Update DISC.
System Information
System information of the set is displayed.
The Information on a soft version and drive information, etc. is displayed.
EMC Test Mode
Not used.
Write Drive OP Data and check drive.
Service Mode Top Menu
It selects to each function from here.
output HDMI/Component 480p forcibly.
[1] >>> Select and Activate Diag Menu.
[2] >>> Select and Activate Log Menu,
[3] >>> Select and Activate Factory Initialize Menu.,
[4] >>> Select and Activate Network Menu
[5] >>> Select and Activate Version Up DISC version Up Menu,
[6] >>>  Select and Activate System Information Menu.
[7] >>> Select and Activate EMC Test Mode Menu. (not Used)
[8] >>> Select and Activate Drive Menu.
[UP] >> Move Up cursor
[DOWN] >>> Move Down cursor
[ENT] >>> Activate the selected cursor.
*The cursor is not displayed when initial.
Front Panel Display 
If cursor or arbitrary menu keys are operated, the character will output to a front panel display, respectively.
*the character string.
Initial display >>> SERVICE
Diag >>> S-DIAG
Log >>> S-LOG
Factory Initialize: >>> S-FINIT
Network: >>> S-NET
Version >>> Up S-VUP
System Information: >>> S-INFO
EMC Test Mode: >>> S-EMC
Drive: >>> S-DRV
Return all of the player setting to their factory defaults.
(Window 1) select initialize.
When you return a set to the factory defaults, push [1] on this screen.
[1] Start Factory Initialize
[2] Start Factory Initialize for TV (not used)
[UP] Move Up cursor
[DOWN] Move Down cursor
[ENT] Activate the selected cursor.
[RET] Return to Service Top Menu.
(Window 2)
It is a screen of the end of initialization.
[RET] Return to Service Top Menu.
Please disconnect AC power supply, and connect AC again.
- The operation of other service mode menu can be continued.
Front Panel Display:
Initialize  SETTING
Initialize OK INIT-OK
Initialize NG INIT-NG
When “Quick Stand By” sets ON, The additional processes of AC IN and OFF are needed.
Please confirm the following processes for all sets.
1. Initialize (This command)
2. AC Off
3. AC In
4. Check FLD. If WAIT keep blinking, go to 5.else go to 8.
5. AC Off
6. AC In
7. Check FLD.
8. AC Off. (finish)