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SONY PROFESSIONAL DISC CAMCORDER - PDW-700 - Service Mode - Manually removing the cartridge at power off – Manually ejecting the cartridge while power on – Hour reset – Firmware update using USB

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  • How to access service mode 
  • Taking out the cartridge 
  • Firmware update using USB 


How to Take Out a Cartridge Manually Taking Out a Cartridge at Power-off
1. Open the cover in the direction of the arrow A.
2. Push the lock lever in the direction of the arrow B with a screwdriver. The cartridge lid assembly is opened in the direction of the arrow C.
3. Rotate the gear counterclockwise with a crosshead screwdriver to eject the cartridge. If a cartridge cannot be taken out, turn the gear clockwise until it will go and then turn it counterclockwise again.
Turn the gear slowly and gently. Be careful not to force the gear past their stopping points.
# Be sure not to touch or forcibly take out the cartridge until it is completely ejected.
#  Even when the cartridge cannot be ejected with this procedure, do not rotate the gear with an excessive force. This error may be caused by a problem in the loader assembly.

When You Cannot Take Out a Cartridge Even If Pressing the EJECT Button at Power-on
1. Remove the outside panel.
2. Remove the four screws and remove the laser caution sheet.
3. Push the release pin in the direction arrow A, and pull out the cartridge from the unit in the direction of the arrow B.
Be careful not to touch the disc surface in the cartridge.

Firmware Update Using the USB Memory
When the firmware update is performed, all types of firmware are updated.
There are two methods of upgrading the firmware. One is the method by using the USB memory and the other is the method by accessing the XDCAM website. This section describes the method by using the USB memory.
For the method of accessing the XDCAM website,
For the method of upgrading by using the USB memory, the USB memory  in which the firmware package file of the latest version is saved is required. For the firmware package file, please contact your local Sony care.
A general USB memory used for PCs can be used. But when the USB memory is connected to the USB connector, if the screen shows “Unknown USB”, or the message screen shows “NO USB MEMORY” during the update, the connected USB memory may have a problem or it may be misrecognized as an unsupported device. In such a case, connect another USB memory and try again.
# It takes about 20 minutes to complete the update.
# When the USB memory  is removed during the update, the USB memory  may be damaged. Make sure not to remove the USB memory during the update.
# Do not turn off the power during the update.
# When a disc is inserted, eject it.
# Set the VDR SW in the inside panel to “STBY”.
# If the update fails while the LABY update is in progress, picture and character may not be displayed in some cases. In such case, repeat update by following the procedure described below.
1. If a memory stick is inserted, remove it and insert a USB memory  that contains the package file (extension: pkg) in its root directory.
2. While pressing the REC START button and the MENU knob at the same time, turn ON the power.
3. Wait approximately 30 seconds after power-on. Then, the tally changes from the flashing at 4 Hz to the flashing at 1 Hz. (Flashing indicates that update is in progress.)
It takes approximately 20 minutes until the update is complete.
4. The tally changes from flashing to lighting. (It indicates that update is complete.)
5. Turn OFF the power and reboot the Camcorder. It boots up with new version.
1. Copy the firmware package file (extension: pkg) to the USB memory  of the root and plug it into the USB connector of the unit.
2. Move the arrow to the DIAGNOSIS category page named “ROM VERSION 1”, and press and hold the MENU knob.
“SEARCHING PACKAGE FILE” blinks about 10 seconds
3. When the firmware package file exists in the root, the display appears.
4. Press the MENU knob while the arrow is pointing at “PACKAGE”.
5. The YES/NO confirmation menu appears.
6. When YES is selected, the firmware update starts. During the firmware update, the tally blinks at 1 Hz. “UPDATING” indicates the firmware being updated, and “Total time” indicates the elapsed time.
7. When the update is completed normally, the following message that prompts you to turn on/off the power appears. Tally changes from blinking to light on.
8. When the power is turned off and the unit is restarted, the firmware version is updated.
If the firmware could not be updated to new version or if an error is displayed upon completion of version update, it indicates that the firmware version update has failed. Repeat the version update by following step
2 through step 8 again.
Protection Mode
When this unit detects an error, it enters a protection mode to prevent the cartridge disc, optical drive, and other components from damage or failure.
The protection mode depends on error status. When a cartridge is inserted, press the EJECT button and remove the cartridge.
The cartridge may not be ejected even after the EJECT command has been received depending on error status. In this case, turn the unit power OFF and ON.
Setup Menus
The PDW-700 has setup menus for making various settings and adjustments. The setup menus of this unit include the USER menu, USER MENU CUSTOMIZE menu, ALL menu, OPERATION menu, PAINT menu, MAINTENANCE menu, FILE menu, DIAGNOSIS menu and SERVICE menu. The setup menus are displayed on the viewfinder of this unit.

MENU ON/OFF switch
Use this switch to display the setup menu. When the lid is closed, the switch is set to the OFF position.
ON : Displays the setup menu.
OFF : Exits the setup menu.
Use this switch to cancel the setup of the items that are selected by the setup menu, or return to the initial setup when the MENU ON/OFF switch is in the ON position. CANCEL/PRST : Cancels the executed setup or returns to the initial (PRST) setup. ESCAPE : Returns to the menu hierarchy one level higher.
Use this switch to show or to clear the setup displays in order to confirm various settings and statuses when the MENU ON/OFF switch is in the OFF position. ON/SEL : Shows the various settings and status check displays for about 10 seconds. Each press of this switch turns over the display page. OFF : Clears the display that is selected by ON/SEL.
MENU knob
When rotated : Moves to the other pages or items, or changes the setup value.
When pressed : Enters the page set mode or the setup value modification mode.
Operating procedure
1. Set the MENU ON/OFF switch to ON.
2. To move to another page, rotate the MENU knob.
3. To move to another item, rotate the MENU knob.
Pressing the MENU knob enters the setup value modification mode.
4. To modify a setup value, rotate the MENU knob.
5. Set the MENU ON/OFF switch to OFF to exit the setup menu.
How to Display the SERVICE Menu
Method 1
Set the switch S402-1/AT-177 board to the ON position.

Method 2
# Select the DIAGNOSIS menu D00 CONTENTS page.
# While pressing the MENU knob and the ASSIGN1 switch simultaneously, set the MENU ON/OFF switch from OFF to ON. (However, if the switch S402-2/AT- 177 board is set to ON, or if the switch S400/AT-177 board is OFF, this method is disabled).
TOP Menu
While pressing the MENU knob, set the MENU ON/OFF switch to ON. Then the TOP menu appears. However, the TOP menu is not displayed when the switch S400 (TOP MENU selection)/AT-177 board is in the OFF position.
Digital Hours Meter
The hours meter has six types of display mode. The operation hours or operation count of the PDW-700 can be accumulated for each mode and displayed on the viewfinder.
The hours meter can be reset as desired.
Use the hours meter as a reference for periodic inspection.
The display can also be checked on the HOURS METER page of the DIAGNOSIS menu (Cannot be reset in the DIAGNOSIS menu). Display and reset are carried out by using the HOURS METER 2 page in the SERVICE menu.
Display Method and Reset Methods
Enter to SERVICE Menu” for the display of the SERVICE menu.
Reset Methods
1. Display the SERVICE menu.
(TOP MENU is displayed on the viewfinder screen.)
2. Select “SERVICE” from the TOP MENU and press the MENU knob.
3. Rotate the MENU knob to scroll the screen up to HOURS METER 2, and press the knob.
4. Rotate the MENU knob to move the cursor onto RESET METER , and press the knob. Move to the RESET METER screen.
5. Rotate the MENU knob to move the cursor to the desired hours meter.
6. Press the MENU knob. The accumulated time of the selected hours meter is reset.