Friday, February 19, 2016

SPIRIT Treadmill - XT 200 - XT 600 - XT 800 – Engineering mode(Service mode ) – Troubleshooting - No power – LS Error – Calibration – Speed sensor adjustment – Treadmill repair and service

Category: Treadmill Repair and Service 

Contents of this article 

  • How to access Engineering mode 
  • Calibrating the treadmill
  • Factory reset 
  • Troubleshooting 

SPIRIT Treadmill - XT200 - XT600 - XT800

No power
There is no power to the console.
1. Unit must be plugged into an outlet with power
2. Power switch must be illuminated
3. Tether cord must be in place
4. Check treadmill circuit breaker.
5. Check “POWER” LED on controller.
6. Make sure wires on board are plugged in securely.
7. Check wire harness for continuity.
8. If LED’s on controller are not lit, test fuse on controller. If fuse is good, replace controller.
9. If LED’s are on, replace console.
LS error
Belt movement for a few seconds then LS error
1. Run the calibration procedure.
2. Adjust speed sensor.
3. Check roller for magnet
4. Check wire harness for continuity.
5. If roller has a magnet and sensor adjustment does not fix, replace speed sensor.
LS error
No belt movement at all then LS error
1. Run the calibration procedure.
2. Check wire harness for continuity.
3. Look at LED labeled “PWM”.
-If it lights up when the START button is pressed, replace the controller.
- If it does not light when the START button is pressed, replace the console.
Incline does not work
1. Run the calibration procedure.
2. Check wire harness for continuity.
3. If there is an ERR message in the incline window, make sure that all the wires from the incline motor are connected to the controller correctly. If they are connected correctly, and the calibration does not fix, replace the incline motor.
4. When the UP and DOWN buttons are pressed, there should be a “beep” and
a number change in the incline window. If there isn’t, replace the console.
5. Observe the UP and DOWN diagnostic lights on the controller.When the UP or DOWN buttons are pressed, you should (1) see one of the lights come on and (2) hear a relay click.
 If there is no relay click and no diagnostic lights, replace console, lower and middle wire harness, and controller.
 If there is a relay click and a diagnostic light and motor wires are connected correctly, replaced incline motor.
Belt surging
Belt speeds up and slows down frequently
1. Adjust torque boost
2. Adjust speed sensor
3. Replace controller
Belt noise
1. Check belt to see if it needs to be tracked.
2. Take off motor hood to make sure noise is from belt.
3. Check belt and deck for damage.
4. Clean deck and re-lube.
Drive motor noise
1. Check wires around motor for rubbing.
2. Remove, clean, and re-insert the motor brushes
3. Replace motor.
Deck noise
Squeaking or creaking while walking
1. Tighten deck bolts
2. Clean and re-lube deck
Calibrating the unit
1. Remove tether cord.
2. Press and hold the START and FAST buttons. Replaced the tether cord while maintaining the buttons. Display will show “FACTORY SETTING”. Press ENTER.
3. Units English / Metric. Press UP or DOWN to change. Press ENTER.
4. Adjust wheel diameter using UP or DOWN. Should be 2.810 for XT200 & XT600 3.060 for XT800. Press ENTER.
5. Adjust minimum speed to 0.5 using UP and DOWN. Press ENTER.
6. Adjust maximum speed to 12 using UP and DOWN. Press ENTER.
7. Adjust maximum elevation to 15 using UP and DOWN.
Checking wire harness for continuity
1. Set your multimeter to read ohms.
2. Place the test leads at opposite ends of the wire, make sure both leads are on the same wire and are in contact with metal.
3. If the reading is close to 0 ohms, the wire has continuity (unbroken).
4. If the reading is very high or there is no reading at all, there is no continuity.
5. If there is no continuity, the harness needs to be replaced.
Speed sensor adjustment
1. Take off the motor hood.
2. The speed sensor is located on the frame, near where the drive belt goes around the front roller.
3. The sensor should be adjusted to about 1/16th of an inch from the front roller.
Checking treadmill circuit breaker
1. The circuit breaker is a small, red button between the power cord and the power switch.
2. Press the button in to reset.
Check roller for magnet
1. The front roller should have a round magnet and a round counter weight.
2. Take a screw or something metallic and test each one.
3. Only one should be magnetic.
Adjust Torque Boost
1. Using a small screw driver, turn the dial counter clockwise until it stops.
2. Press the START button on the console.
3. With someone standing on the walking belt, turn clockwise until the belt begins to move.
4. Increase the speed and check for smooth belt movement.
Replacing controller
1. Disconnect power cord from unit.
2. Remove motor hood.
3. Remove two Phillips screws holding in the controller.
4. Disconnect all wires connected to the controller.
5. Insert new controller, secure with Phillips screws.
6. Reconnect wires to controller.
Replacing wire harness
1. Turn power switch off.
2. Unplug harness from console and controller.
3. Tie the end of the new harness to the old harness (with a zip-tie or spare wire).
4. As you pull the old harness out of the upright, you will pull the new harness in.
5. Connect to board and console, & turn power back on.
Replacing drive motor
1. Turn power switch off.
2. Disconnect red and black motor wires from controller.
3. Loosen tension bolt and remove four motor bolts.
4. Take off drive belt.
5. Insert new motor into place.
6. Put drive belt on.
7. Put in four motor bolts. Do not tighten them all the way down.
8. Tighten the tension bolt until you only have about an inch of play in the drive belt.
9. Tighten down the four motor bolts.
10. Plug the motor wires into the controller.
Replacing incline motor
1. Turn power switch off.
2. If possible, fold up unit.
3. Turn treadmill onto its side.
4. Disconnect motor wires from controller.
5. Remove bolt from incline tube.
6. Remove bolt from top of incline motor and take out motor.
7. Insert new motor and put in bolt on the top.
8. Reconnect motor wires to controller.
9. Turn on unit. The new motor should turn until it is at “zero”.
10. Insert bolt into incline tube.
Engineering mode
1. Remove the tether cord.
2. Press and hold the START, ENTER, and STOP buttons and replaced the tether cord.
3. The display will say ENGINEERING MODE. Press ENTER.

4. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through the following sub menus:
-Factory Settings
-Display Test
-Key Test
5. Press ENTER to access the desired program.
Speed Calibration – In this mode, you can test the speed.
Incline Calibration – In this mode, you can test the incline.
Factory Settings
This mode will allow you to view the Wheel size, Max inc, Max and Min speed.
Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through. (They cannot be changed here)
Child Lock On/Off
Press ENTER to turn on or off. To unlock display, press START and ENTER.
Sleep Mode On/Off. Press ENTER to turn on or off.
Units English/Metric. Press ENTER to change.
Lube Message Reset. Press ENTER to reset.
Odometer Reset. Press ENTER to reset.
Pause Mode On/Off. Press ENTER to turn on or off
Display Test
Test all LED’s
Key Test
Test all buttons on console.