Monday, March 07, 2016

Apple Clamshell iBook – Disassembling procedure - CD Rom removal - battery removal – Ram replacement – Key board removal – Laptop repair and service

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  • Battery removal
  • Key board and touch pad removal
  • CD ROM removal

Apple Clamshell iBook

Battery Removal
Using a large flathead screwdriver, turn the two battery locks to the left to unlock the battery compartment. Remove the battery cover.
Grasp the plastic piece from the battery, and pull up to remove the battery.
Keyboard Replacement
Before proceeding, you must first remove: Battery
Pull the left and right keyboard tabs in towards you, and lift the keyboard up and flip towards you. (The picture only shows the right tab being pushed in, but it is easier if both are done at the same time.)
Remove the two Philips head screws as shown. (Note – If an airport card is installed, it will have to be removed first.)
Press the airport card holder down and then towards you to release the spring.
Insert your index finger under the plastic tab of the keyboard connector, and gently pull up. (If the connector does not come out easily, gently wiggle from side to side while pulling up.)
Ram Replacement
Before proceeding, you must first remove: Battery Keyboard
This step does not require removal of the keyboard. To remove ram, gently pry back the two metal connectors on each side of the ram chip as shown. (Only one side is shown, but it is easier is both are pried back at the same time.) The ram chip will “pop” up. Grasp it, and gently pull it out of its socket.
Trackpad and Ribbon Cable Assembly Replacement
Before proceeding, you must first remove: Battery Keyboard
This step is extremely important Grasp the orange trackpad cable (under keyboard), and gently remove it from its socket. If this is not done now, then it will rip later on.
Remove the three Philips head screws as shown.
This is a very important step Close the iBook and turn it upside down. Using the end of a screwdriver or paper clip, push in the eject button to open the cd drive. This will reveal the Philips screw as shown. Remove the screw.
Using a Torx T8 Screwdriver, remove the four torx screws as shown.
Remove the two torx screws as shown. (Also located on the bottom side of the casing.)
Working your way from the bottom right hand side around to the top right hand side, pry the trackpad up. This take some initial force to get the connectors to undo, but after you’ve gotten the bottom right hand side up, work from that point to remove the rest of the trackpad. This step can be tricky, so be careful. (Never use too much force!)
Before the trackpad can come completely off, you must undo it from the speaker connector. Grab both sides of the wire and pull. It should come out very easily.
CD-ROM Replacement
Before proceeding, you must first remove: Battery Keyboard Trackpad
Using a Torx T8 screwdriver, insert the end into the “open screw” as shown. Push down and turn to undo the screw.
Undo the orange ribbon cable by grasping one side as shown and pulling up.