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Apple iPhone 5 and 5s - charging problems and solution - Why iPhone do not charge – Whey charging cuts of in the middle – mobiles and smart phones repair and service

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  • Why The phone is not changing up to 100%
  • Why the phone is not Charging at all
  • Why phone shutdowns while charging 

Apple iPhone 5 and 5

Charging Problems and Solution 
Why case do not charge the phone to 100%?
How fast and how far the Resurgence charges your phone depends on:
# How much charge is on the Resurgence case
# How you use your phone while charging with the Resurgence case
# How low the charge is on the phone battery.
If you use the phone for music, streaming video, mapping or other uses, the case may deplete its charge before the phone can reach 100%.
In addition, when the phone is completely discharged or has very low charge remaining, it is not possible for the Resurgence case to bring the phone back to 100% even if the case is fully charged. Lithium ion batteries last longer when they are recharged before the charge gets too low. For best results, use your Resurgence case to keep the phone battery as full as possible.
Why does my case still show that it is charging when my phone is at 100%?
Sometimes the iPhone's battery meter shows 100% when the phone charge is between 99% and 100%. The case will continue to charge the phone to 100% before it turns off (usually about 10 minutes or longer if you use your phone during charging).
The case monitors whether the phone is still drawing current. When the phone stops drawing current from the case, charging is complete and the case will stop charging.
Why won't my phone/case charge when I plug into my Mac keyboard USB port?
The Resurgence case requires a specified minimum current for recharging the case battery. The Mac keyboard does not provide the required level of current, so you may experience irregular results, such as no charging or no “da-dink” from the iPhone.Its recommended to using an Apple-certified iPhone or iPad wall charger, a PC or a Mac with the provided USB cord for charging.
Any other configuration may result in:
# Unusual LED behavior
# Slow or no charging
# "Accessory not found" error on the phone
Can I use a USB hub to charge my Resurgence?
The Resurgence case was designed to charge with the USB cord while connected to a Mac or PC, an Apple-certified iPhone or iPad wall charger. Other charging configurations may have unpredictable results, such as:
# Unusual LED behavior
# Slow or no charging
# "Accessory not found" error on the phone
Why won't my Resurgence case recharge?
Make sure that you are using the USB cord provided with your Resurgence case while connected to a Mac or PC, an Apple-certified iPhone or iPad wall charger. Other USB cord or wall charger configurations may work, but may have unpredictable results or behavior, such as:
# Unusual LED behavior
# Slow or no charging
# "Accessory not found" error on the phone
Why won't Resurgence charge my phone when my phone has been dead for a while?
A phone that is dead and has been discharged for a while will not start to charge right away when you put it in a Resurgence case.
Instead, connect the case and phone to a power source for one to three minutes. After that, you should be able to unplug from the power source and continue to charge the phone with the case.
I pressed the LED button on the case, but nothing happened. Is my case dead?
The button on the power case has three actions.
# A short press-and-release shows the level of charge in the battery case.
# A longer press (between 1 seconds and 5 seconds) toggles the charge state on or off. For example, if the case is charging your phone, a long press turns charging off.
# A press longer than 5 seconds is treated as accidental. No action is taken by the case. What to try:
Charge the battery case for about 20 minutes and try again. If the battery is healthy, the LEDs will respond to a shorter press or connecting the case to the charger.
Note: Use only the supplied cable and an Apple-certified iPhone or iPad wall charger.
My case won't close with the screen protector on my phone. Is there another screen protector that I can use?
The Resurgence case was designed to be protective without a screen protector. However, many of our customers requested that we consider adding a screen protector. To respond to our customers needs, we offer a Clearly Protected Vibrant screen protector compatible with the Resurgence case. 
Why does the case cause my phone to shut down?
The presence of a screen protector not designed for Resurgence can cause the case to put pressure on the phone's power button.
Also, make sure that the lid is completely seated on the back of the case. Look for:
#Tabs that are showing along the sides
# Bulges along the sides of the case
# Even spacing between the top and bottom halves of the case
If any of these are present, the case lid is not seated correctly. Remove the lid and try again.