Friday, March 18, 2016

DELL Inspiron 15 - 7000 Series – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the keyboard – How to remove the battery – How to remove the HDD – Laptop repair and service

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Contents of this article 

  • How to remove the keyboard 
  • How to remove Battery
  • How to remove the RTC battery 

DELL Inspiron 15

Removing the base cover
1 Close the display and turn the computer over.
2 Loosen the captive screw that secures the base cover to the computer base.
3 Using a plastic scribe, pry the base cover off the computer base.
1 plastic scribe
2 captive screw
3 base cover
4 computer base
Removing the battery
1 Disconnect the battery cable from the system board.
2 Remove the screws that secure the battery to the computer base.
1 battery cable
2 battery
3 computer base
4 Trox-8 screws (5)
3 Using the pull tab, lift the battery, along with its cable, out of the computer base.
1 pull tab
2 computer base
3 battery
4 Turn the computer over, open the display, and press the power button for five seconds to ground the system board.
Removing the memory modules
1 Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the securing-clips on each end of the memory-module slot until the memory module pops up.
2 Slide and remove the memory module from the memory-module slot
1 securing clips (2)
2 memory-module slot
3 memory module
Removing the hard drive
1 Remove the screws that secure the hard-drive assembly to the computer base.
2 Using the pull-tab, disconnect the hard-drive cable from the system board.
3 Lift the hard-drive assembly off the computer base.
1 pull-tab
2 screws (4)
3 hard-drive assembly
4 computer base
4 Disconnect the interposer from the hard drive.
Removing the wireless card
1 Disconnect the antenna cables from the wireless card.
2 Remove the screw that secures the wireless card to the system board.
3 Slide and remove the wireless card out of the wireless-card slot.
1 wireless-card slot
2 wireless card
3 antenna cables (2)
4 screw
Removing the keyboard
1 Turn the computer over and open the display as far as possible.
2 Using a plastic scribe, gently release the tabs that secure the keyboard to the palm-rest assembly.
3 Carefully turn the keyboard over and place it on the palm-rest assembly.
1 plastic scribe
2 keyboard
3 tabs (6)
4 Open the latches and disconnect the keyboard cable and the keyboard backlight cable from the system board.
1 keyboard cable
2 latches (2)
3 keyboard-backlight cable
4 keyboard
5 Lift the keyboard, along with the cables, off the palm-rest assembly.
Removing the coin-cell battery
1 Disconnect the coin-cell battery cable from the system board.
2 Using a plastic scribe, gently pry the coin-cell battery out of the battery socket on the computer base.

1 coin-cell battery
2 battery socket
3 system board
4 computer base