Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Motorola Moto G – Disassembling procedure - Battery removal - Frond facing camera – LCD and Touch screen – Mobiles and smart phones repair and service

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Content of this article 

  • How to disassemble the LCD and touch screen 
  • How to remove the battery
  • How to removal the case 

Motorola Moto G

Near the dock connector toward the bottom of the Moto G, insert the precision knife in the seam between the front housing/frame and rear case. This is a very tight seam so the use of the precision knife is advised as oppose to the plastic opening tool.
Once you have the first clip free, you can continue the separation with your plastic opening tool. Work your way around the entire smartphone, gently freeing the clips until the rear case is removed.
Next, locate and remove the fourteen T5 torx screws that secure the protective cover/rear housing to the front housing/frame (marked with orange circles). You can now remove the protective cover/rear housing from the Moto G (make sure to keep track of the power & volume buttons).
How to remove Battery
Use the nylon spudger to gently pry up and disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard. With the flat side of the spudger carefully get under the battery, lift it up from the securing adhesive and then remove it from the Moto G.
How to remove Front-Facing Camera
The front-facing camera should now be loose and easy to lift out of the Moto G with the fine tip curved tweezers.
Next, use the fine tip curved tweezers to lift the blue protective cover up and access the connection for the display assembly (LCD & touch screen).
Now, locate the locking socket for the display assembly ribbon cable. To release the cable, lift the opposite side of the locking socket 90 degrees. You can now disconnect the ribbon cable.
The ribbon cable for the display assembly is secured to the motherboard with adhesive. Utilize the heat gun to soften the adhesive, making it easier to pry up the cable from the motherboard.
Next, utilize the flat side of the nylon spudger to carefully remove the motherboard. Gently work the spudger between the motherboard and the display assembly/front housing to remove it from the Moto G.
How to remove Earpiece Speaker
The earpiece speaker is secured in its location with a small amount of adhesive. Use your fine tip curved tweezers to easily remove it from the Motorola smartphone.
How to remove LCD & Touch Screen Digitizer
At this time, the display assembly (LCD & touch screen) is fused together and cannot be separated. It is secured to the front housing/frame of the smartphone with a generous amount of adhesive that will require heat and patience to separate.
This procedure is only recommended on a Moto G with a damaged screen that requires replacement.
Use the heat gun to begin warming up the adhesive securing the LCD & touch screen digitizer assembly to the smartphone’s front housing/frame. To begin separation of the display assembly from the Moto G front housing/frame, securely grip the sides of the smartphone and slip the precision knife under the display assembly.
Now, utilizing the plastic opening tool continue around the entire perimeter of the Moto G until the display assembly is completely separated.