Friday, March 11, 2016

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the battery – How to remove the case – How to remove the camera – Mobiles and smart phones repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery
  • How to remove the sockets 

Nokia Lumia 1020

First, use the SIM card ejection tool, or a paperclip, to remove the SIM card tray from the Nokia smartphone. Next, remove the single T5 torx screw located in the SIM card slot. Back the screw out, releasing the locking bar for the display assembly (LCD & touch screen).
On the locking bar side of the display, you will need to pry the display assembly up using a plastic triangle opening tool or spudger.
When lifting the LCD and touch screen assembly with the frame away from the smartphone, be sure to release the two connectors (marked with orange arrows) before completely removing it from the Nokia Lumia 1020.
Pry the front-facing camera assembly away from the display assembly using your fine tip curved tweezers, its secured with a small amount of adhesive. The use of a heat gun or blow dryer is encouraged.
Next, the locking bar is situated in the corner of the smartphone and can be pried up and out of its location with the fine tip curved tweezers. Carefully maneuver it around the motherboard and lift it out of the Lumia 1020.
How to remove Battery
Locate and remove the seven T5 torx screws that secure the motherboard into the body of the smartphone (marked with solid orange circles).
Next, locate and remove the one coaxial connection from the motherboard (marked with open orange circle). Now, locate the two wafer style connectors and release them with your fine tip curved tweezers or spudger (marked with orange rectangles).
Next, locate and remove the metal protective plate that is covering the rear-facing camera.
Using the flat end of your spudger, or a metal spudger/opening tool, slip it under the battery and pry it up from the securing adhesive and out of the Nokia Lumia 1020.
How to remove Rear-Facing Camera Assembly
Using your fine tip curved tweezers, or spudger, pry up and release the connector for the rear-facing camera. You can now gently remove the rear-facing camera assembly from the Nokia smartphone.
How to remove Headphone Jack Assembly
Locate the two wafer style connectors (marked with orange rectangles) and release them with the fine tip curved tweezers.
Next, again utilizing the fine tip curved tweezers, release the headphone jack assembly connector and maneuver the assembly out of the Lumia 1020.
Last, use the flat end of the spudger to pry up and remove the motherboard from the Nokia Lumia 1020.