Apple AirPort Extreme – How to replace the faulty WIFI card of apple airport extreme – Laptop repair and service

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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the motherboard
  • How to replace the WIFI card 

Apple AirPort Extreme

First start by peeling off the outer rubbery covering on the bottom of the device. CAUTION: This part is very fragile, so it is recommended that a blow dryer is used on the covering to heat it up. Simply blow dry the covering while slowly peeling it away, and the covering will not tear.
After removing the rubber covering, unscrew the five 4.9mm Phillips screws in the holes of the plastic casing.
After unscrewing all five screws, remove the plastic casing. The back should now look like the picture shown.
The inner metal casing is latched inside the outer white plastic shell, so insert a pry tool underneath the metal casing and pry it apart from the shell. It should make a click when it comes apart.
Remove the outer casing. The exposed logic board should look like this. Take the device out of the casing and orient it so that you can see the WiFi card.
Wires come from the three antennas and connect on the outer edge of the WiFi card. Carefully pull up on the end of one of the wires to disconnect it from the motherboard. Do this for the remaining two wires.
There are two clips attached to the upper and lower ends of the WiFi card CAUTION: For the following step, do not pull the clip after you have detached it. The clip is fragile and too much force may cause the clip to break. Grab the end of one of the clips and pull away from the WiFi card. This should make the clip visibly detached from the WiFi card. Do the same for the other clip.
Grasp the upper and lower ends of the WiFi card. Carefully pull the WiFi card to the right. CAUTION: Do not pull UP (towards yourself) on the WiFi card when removing. The card is on a track that only allows it to move left and right. Forcing the card to move in other directions may result in breaking the track. Completely remove the WiFi card.