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Apple Watch – How to replace the battery of apple watch – Mobiles and Smartphones Repair and service

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  • How to remove the bottom cover
  • How to remove connections 
  • How to remove the battery 

Apple Watch Battery 

Slightly warm up the bottom cove of  apple using a blower
Because the gap between the screen and watch body is so thin, a sharp blade is required to separate the two. Read the following warnings carefully before proceeding. Always keep your fingers
completely clear of the knife. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this might cause the knife to slip and cut you, or damage the watch. Wear eye protection. The knife or glass may break, sending pieces flying.
Using a curved blade minimizes the chance of scratching the case or cracking the glass. Only pry with the curved section of the blade, and not the tip or flat section. Place the curved section of the blade in the gap between the glass and case on the lower edge of the watch face, and press firmly down into the gap. Be very careful to maintain complete control over the knife once the gap opens, if you're pressing too hard on the knife it may slip in and cut the battery. This should wedge the gap open and cause the glass to lift slightly up from the case. When the glass has lifted, gently rotate the knife down, opening the gap more by pushing the glass up.
Once you've opened the gap enough, insert the tip of an opening pick under the glass. Slide the pick along the bottom edge to separate adhesive holding the screen to the case. Be careful not to insert the opening pick too far. Only about 1/8" ( about 3 mm) is necessary, any deeper and you may damage cables.
Roll the opening pick up the side of the button side of the watch, gently pushing in to separate the adhesive and widening the gap as you go. Remember not to push the pick in too far it's easier to avoid this by rolling the pick, rather than dragging a tip along.
Work the pick around the top right corner, and roll it along the top edge of the screen.
Continue working the pick around the perimeter of the screen, rolling down along the left side to cut the last of the adhesive. Leave the pick in place to keep the adhesive from resealing the screen in place.
While holding the first pick in place, use a second to check that all of the adhesive is separated around the entire perimeter of the screen.
There are two cables connecting the screen to the inside of the watch, near the top left corner. Be careful when prying or you may damage these cables. Pry slightly up on the right side of the screen, to free it from any remaining adhesive. Pry up on the left to free it as well but do not attempt to remove the screen as it is still held in place by two cables.
If you can see the top layer of your Force Touch sensor among the display adhesive, it means the two layers of the sensor separated and you're going to need to replace or repair it.
The top layer of the sensor may be adhered to the back of the screen - push it down to separate it,
Lift the screen up and shift it to the left, minding the display data and digitizer cables.
Wedge a plastic opening tool between the right side of the battery and the case. Pry the battery up to separate it from the adhesive securing it to the system board.
Do not attempt to remove the battery as it is still connected.
Rotate the battery counterclockwise to expose its connector.
Hold the battery up and out of the way, to expose the battery cable connector. Use a plastic opening tool, prying against the bottom of the case to separate the battery cable connector from the watch's battery cable. Remove the battery from the watch.