Kindle Fire HDX 7 – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the back cover – How to remaove the battery – Tablets repair and service

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  • How to remove the case
  • How to remove the speakers
  • How to remove the battery 

Kindle Fire HDX 7

Remove the speaker cover.
The cover is secured by two tabs at either end and adhesive tape in the center.
Gently pry at the tabs and insert a spudger between the cover and the kindle body.
Counting the six T3 torx screws from the left, remove numbers 1, 3, 4 and 6. Leave 2 and 5 (the outer pair of the middle four). Keep them safe.
Working around the edge of the screen with a spudger, release the tabs securing the back.
You may find it best to start with the sides, working down from the top. Then release two tabs either side of the camera before tackling the bottom.
In the photos, the positions of the tabs are shown by pieces of red tape. These photos show the device with nothing but the screen removed and are for information only – you will not see this view.
Don't insert the spudger further than necessary at the top around the camera or you may damage the reset button contacts.
Once all the clips are free the back is still secured to the back of the battery with double sided tape. release this slowly and gently. Do not apply and sharp or hard instruments to the battery in order to hasten the release.
Carefuly ifting the back, you will find that it's still attached to the motherboard by a ribbon. Remove the tape which secures the connector, the lift the connector off the motherboard socket.
Try not to allow the tape to fold over and stick to the front of the connector as you may not notice this when you try to connect it, and any adhesive on the connector pins may result in a poor connection.

If you need to replace these components, remove the power button and micro-USB port cables using a spudger. If not, skip this step.
Take care as these are delicate.
If you need to replace the speakers, remove the two remaining screws from Step 2, then lift them out. Otherwise, skip this step.

Pull off the two antenna cables from the motherboard and the tape which holds them to the motherboard.
Lift off the connectors to the front facing camera and the light sensor, both at the middle top of the motherboard. Lift out the camera and keep it safe.
Remove 9 screws securing the mother board.
Note that these screws seem to be something between T5 and T6 and may not even be Torx.
Unless you have a precisely fitting screwdriver bit, press hard in order to prevent it slipping and stripping the head. If you do so, you may be able to remove the screw with a flat bladed screwdriver bit.
Lift the motherboard from the left hand end. There are two connectors under the right hand end which you can then lift off.
On reassembly, very gently pull these connectors' ribbon cables in order to gain sufficient slack that you can reconnect the connectors. Feed these ribbons back where they came from as you lower the motherboard, taking great care that they don't become disconnected again, otherwise the screen won't work.

Gently lift the battery connector off the two metal pegs on either side. The battery is held on with a strong adhesive. Lift it very gently with spudgers in order to pry it loose.
This step will take time and patience. Don't rush it. The best way is to apply firm but gentle pressure at several points along one edge. Nothing may seem to happen, but the adhesive will gradually be giving. Once you can get a spudger underneath you can apply pressure more locally. On no account apply a hard or sharp tool directly to the battery.

 Once the old battery is out of the kindle, insert the new battery and put the kindle back together in reverse order.