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Motorola Atrix HD – Disassembling procedure – How to remove the Battery – How to remove the display – How to remove the Touch screen – mobile and smartphones repair and service

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  • How to remove the battery 
  • how to remove the touch screen 
  • How to remove the display 

Motorola Atrix HD

How to remove LCD & Touch Screen
On the bottom left hand side of the Motorola Atrix HD is the door for the SIM card and MicroSD.
Open the door and remove the cards before proceeding with your disassemble.
To take the back cover off the phone, use the plastic opening tool to pry it off. Un-snap each clip carefully as you work around the perimeter of the phone.
Remove the back cover from the Motorola Atrix HD.
There is a small amount of adhesive on the center of the back to attach it to the battery. Using the spudger, separate the adhesive to free the back cover from the phone.
There are ten T5 torx head screws that secure the rear chassis onto the phone. Use the T5 torx bit screwdriver to remove these screws and free the chassis.
Once all of the screws are removed from the chassis, utilize the plastic opening tool to separate the rear chassis from the body of the Motorola Atrix HD.
How to remove Speaker Assembly
With the rear portion of the chassis removed, use the pointed end of the spudger to gently pry the speaker assembly up out of its location. It is held down with a small amount of adhesive.
You can now remove the speaker assembly from the Motorola Atrix HD.
How to remove Battery
To remove the battery, go back to the main body of the phone. Using the appropriate screwdriver, remove the two T5 torx screws that secure the battery’s terminals down to the case.
The battery is also secured down by a small amount of adhesive. Using the spudger and battery pull-tab, pick the battery up out of its location in the phone.
Remove the battery from the Motorola Atrix HD.
The frame that housed the battery is secured to the body of the phone by ten T5 torx screws. Using the
T5 torx bit screwdriver, remove these screws.
With the ten screws removed, you can now remove the frame from the Motorola Atrix HD.
How to remove LCD
The touch screen connector is the first connection to be removed. Put the flat end of the spudger under the connection. Turn the spudger so it pulls the plug up and out of its socket.
Follow the previous steps to remove the LCD connection. The connection is next to the touch screen connector that was just removed.
The motherboard is next. Removing the motherboard from the phone will require the spudger in order to pry it up from the display assembly. Make sure the LCD is not stuck to the bottom of the motherboard with adhesive.
There are three layers to the phone: the touch screen, the LCD, and the motherboard.
If the LCD is stuck to the motherboard like ours, use the spudger to separate the LCD from the bottom of the motherboard.
Remove the motherboard from the Motorola Atrix HD.
Use the spudger, and a little force, to pry up the
LCD from the touch screen. The LCD and touch screen should now be separated.
Remove the LCD from the Motorola Atrix HD.
How to remove Touch Screen
To separate the touch screen digitizer from the front frame of the phone, use patience and the spudger to pry it up. With these, the separation will come easily.
The adhesive that secures the touch screen to the frame is minimal.
Remove the touch screen digitizer from the Motorola Atrix HD.
How to remove Front-Facing Camera
Now turn your attention to the motherboard. Use the spudger to pry up the front-facing camera connection.
With the connection out of its socket, remove the one
T5 torx screw that secures the camera assembly to the motherboard.
Use the spudger to maneuver the front facing camera from the Motorola Atrix.