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  • How to remove the battery
  • How to remove the display 
  • How to remove Micro USB port 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How to remove Rear Case
Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the divot to the left of the rear-facing camera.
Gently pry and twist the flexible rear cover off the back of the phone.
Insert a fingernail or plastic opening tool into the recess in the bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward.
How to remove Display Assembly
NOTE: It is suggested to remove the battery, S Pen, SD Card, and SIM card (if your phone uses a SIM card).
Heat at a low degree such as less than 80 degree because the adhesive is not so strong. Heat makes it's easy, but you also can gave up heating and cut the adhesive sticker directly. Please be careful.
Cut LCD screen adhesive sticker carefully and slowly.
Be very careful once you get to the bottom part of the phone, take your time, and be very careful not to cut the flex of the Back and Menu buttons. Use the next set of images to examine how close they are to the edge so you don't accidentally cut them.
Insert the spudger underneath the LCD to cut the adhesive in the middle part. The adhesive is strong so make sure you are underneath the copper insulation before separating.
Notice 1: The adhesive is in the red line.
Notice 2: If you insert the spudger from right side, keep the length of the tool in less than 2.2cm, which is for avoiding damaging the home button flex.
Notice 3: If you insert the spudger from left side, keep the length of the tool in less than 4.4cm for the same reason.
Notice 4: Pay attention to the part with LCD screen flex. When you cut the adhesive, leave the top part alone to avoid damage the flex. But if it's the broken screen, you don't need to worry so much.
Be careful with the bottom side because there are the soft keys. If the adhesive in the red line don't function any more when you place the new LCD screen, you can choose to use the 3M double side tape. It can help to fasten the new screen together with the LCD screen sticker.
Release S Pen touch sensor film connector and LCD screen connector.
Remove the LCD screen finally.
How to remove Micro-USB 
Remove back cover easily. And take away the battery, SIM card and S Pen by the way.
Remove all together 16 screws from middle housing.
Free the clasps along the battery slot. And the push the front assembly out from middle housing with effort.
We can see the USB board but we can't tear it down directly. Because 1. The USB board flex connector is connecting on the back of the motherboard. 2. If want to remove motherboard, the LCD screen need to be removed at first. 3. The USB board assembly comes with two touch keys together but they are placed under the touch panel. So we have to remove the motherboard and LCD screen at first next.
Remove two pcs of signal flex cable and two screws which securing USB board and motherboard.
Release all the connectors connecting with motherboard.
Pry up the motherboard and release USB board connector from back.
Loosen the touch keys from adhesive at first. And then pry up and remove the USB board finally.