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  • How to remove the case 
  • How to remove the battery 
  • How to remove the mother board 

Sony Xperia Z

Turn hair dryer to medium heat. Slowly move the hair dryer along the seams on the back of the phone. Keep the dryer a few inches away from the case. Circulate the dryer for a full minute to soften the adhesive binding the phone together.
Once the adhesive is loosened, stick the suction cup to the top-center of the back of your phone and gently pull back.
Gently pull back just enough to create a small gap.
Once you've opened a small space with the back cover, stick the plastic opening tool into the seam of the phone. Move the tool along the seam to loosen the adhesive.
Caution: Pulling too vigorously or quickly on the suction cup could snap the back of the phone. Once the adhesive has been adequately loosened, pull back slowly on the suction cup to remove the back panel of the phone. The remaining adhesive should be strong enough to hold the phone together tightly upon reassembly. However, once opened the water resistance of your phone has been compromised.
Now that the back is removed, the battery is visible. You now have access to the battery and its connecting components. With the plastic opening tool, gently remove the connector from the motherboard. Use your fingers to peel the rest of the adhesive away from the phone.
With the plastic opening tool, carefully peel the white adhesive tape up from the bottom of the battery. Use your fingers to peel back the rest of the adhesive tape away from the battery.
Slide the spudger firmly along the right side of the battery, loosening the adhesive between the casing and battery. Flex cables run vertically down the phone underneath the battery and can be damaged easily. Make sure to only place the spudger in the indicated area. Insert the spudger in the bottom-center to further loosen the adhesive. Carefully separate the battery from the phone by sliding the spudger vertically underneath the battery and prying up. This may take some time and work as the adhesive is very strong.
Remove the one 3 mm screw with the Phillips #000 screwdriver. The screw is located at the top right corner of the motherboard. The motherboard is the green/silver circuit board at the top of the phone.
Using with the plastic opening tool, pry up firmly from the bottom and top of the plastic housing. The housing is black and located at the top right corner of the phone. Release the charging cover, located on the right side of the phone at the top. This should cause the housing piece to pop out effortlessly. Getting the black housing off of the phone can be tricky. Just keep prying and pulling up on the housing to get it out.
Do not remove all the copper tape. Only remove the copper tape attached to the silver part of the motherboard. Release the copper tape located at the top middle of the phone with a plastic opening tool. This will take some force since the adhesive is rather strong. With the plastic opening tool, release the pop connector, by lifting up to release it. The pop connector should still be attached to the copper tape. Pull up gently on the copper tape and pop connector to remove the back camera. It should pop out easily.
With the plastic opening tool, gently pry the red tape away from motherboard. This pop connector is located at the top right corner of the phone. Using your fingers, gently pull up on the pop connector to remove the front camera. The front camera piece should lift out effortlessly.
The SIM card of the Xperia Z is located in the unlabeled slot above the power button. Gently open the cover by pushing to the left with your nail. Some photos in this guide will have the back case of the phone removed, which is not required if you're trying to remove the SIM card only. If you are removing the SIM card to get at an internal component, like the motherboard, then the back will need to be removed.
To avoid damage to the SIM card, be careful when removing and handling it. Once you open the cover for the SIM card, the tray will be inside. It will look like a small, thin chip. With your tweezers, grab the card and carefully pull it out of the phone.
Remove the two 3mm Phillips #000 screws located at the middle left and lower right of motherboard.
Gently pry the three flex cables away from the motherboard. They are located on the bottom right, bottom left, and top left corners of the motherboard. Leave the three flex cable flaps up and away from the motherboard. Be careful not to tear the flex cables.
With the plastic opening tool pry up the antenna located at the bottom right of the motherboard.
Leave the antenna up and away from the motherboard.
With the plastic opening tool, firmly pry the motherboard up out of the phone case. Pry from the right side of the motherboard where the back camera was previously located. Firmly lift the section up where the silver part of the motherboard comes to the edge of the green base board. The motherboard has a lot of adhesive connecting it to the phone, so it will require some force to remove it.